【导读】bharathgs在Github上维护整理了一个PyTorch的资源站,包括论文、代码、教程等,涉及自然语言处理与语音处理、计算机视觉、机器学习、深度学习等库。 是学习Pytorch必选资源;



PyTorch 是什么?

PyTorch是一个用于科学计算和深度学习的Python扩展库。它便于学习、编写和调试,支持灵活的动态计算图和GPU高速运算,具有完善的研发生态和技术社区。PyTorch于2017年由Facebook正式推出后,迅速引起了人工智能研发人员的关注,目前已成为最受重视的机器学习软件库之一。近日,Facebook 在首届 PyTorch 开发者大会发布了 PyTorch1.0 预览版,标志着这一框架更为稳定可用。


一. 自然语言与语音处理NLP & Speech Processing

二. 计算机视觉CV

三. 概率生成库

四. 其他库

五. 教程和例子

六. 论文实现



Pytorch 官网


一. 自然语言与语音处理

  1. pytorch text : Torch text related contents.
  2. pytorch-seq2seq: A framework for sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) models implemented in PyTorch.
  3. anuvada: Interpretable Models for NLP using PyTorch.
  4. audio: simple audio I/O for pytorch.
  5. loop: A method to generate speech across multiple speakers
  6. fairseq-py: Facebook AI Research Sequence-to-Sequence Toolkit written in Python.
  7. speech: PyTorch ASR Implementation.
  8. OpenNMT-py: Open-Source Neural Machine Translation in PyTorch http://opennmt.net
  9. neuralcoref: State-of-the-art coreference resolution based on neural nets and spaCy huggingface.co/coref
  10. sentiment-discovery: Unsupervised Language Modeling at scale for robust sentiment classification.
  11. MUSE: A library for Multilingual Unsupervised or Supervised word Embeddings
  12. nmtpytorch: Neural Machine Translation Framework in PyTorch.
  13. pytorch-wavenet: An implementation of WaveNet with fast generation
  14. Tacotron-pytorch: Tacotron: Towards End-to-End Speech Synthesis.
  15. AllenNLP: An open-source NLP research library, built on PyTorch.
  16. PyTorch-NLP: Text utilities and datasets for PyTorch pytorchnlp.readthedocs.io
  17. quick-nlp: Pytorch NLP library based on FastAI.
  18. TTS: Deep learning for Text2Speech
  19. LASER: Language-Agnostic SEntence Representations
  20. pyannote-audio: Neural building blocks for speaker diarization: speech activity detection, speaker change detection, speaker embedding
  21. gensen: Learning General Purpose Distributed Sentence Representations via Large Scale Multi-task Learning.
  22. translate: Translate - a PyTorch Language Library.
  23. espnet: End-to-End Speech Processing Toolkit espnet.github.io/espnet
  24. pythia: A software suite for Visual Question Answering
  25. UnsupervisedMT: Phrase-Based & Neural Unsupervised Machine Translation.
  26. jiant: The jiant sentence representation learning toolkit.

二. 计算机视觉

  1. pytorch vision : Datasets, Transforms and Models specific to Computer Vision.
  2. pt-styletransfer: Neural style transfer as a class in PyTorch.
  3. OpenFacePytorch: PyTorch module to use OpenFace's nn4.small2.v1.t7 model
  4. img_classification_pk_pytorch: Quickly comparing your image classification models with the state-of-the-art models (such as DenseNet, ResNet, ...)
  5. SparseConvNet: Submanifold sparse convolutional networks.
  6. Convolution_LSTM_pytorch: A multi-layer convolution LSTM module
  7. face-alignment: ? 2D and 3D Face alignment library build using pytorch adrianbulat.com
  8. pytorch-semantic-segmentation: PyTorch for Semantic Segmentation.
  9. RoIAlign.pytorch: This is a PyTorch version of RoIAlign. This implementation is based on crop_and_resize and supports both forward and backward on CPU and GPU.
  10. pytorch-cnn-finetune: Fine-tune pretrained Convolutional Neural Networks with PyTorch.
  11. detectorch: Detectorch - detectron for PyTorch
  12. Augmentor: Image augmentation library in Python for machine learning. http://augmentor.readthedocs.io
  13. s2cnn: This library contains a PyTorch implementation of the SO(3) equivariant CNNs for spherical signals (e.g. omnidirectional cameras, signals on the globe) s

三. 概率生成库

  1. ptstat: Probabilistic Programming and Statistical Inference in PyTorch
  2. pyro: Deep universal probabilistic programming with Python and PyTorch http://pyro.ai
  3. probtorch: Probabilistic Torch is library for deep generative models that extends PyTorch.
  4. paysage: Unsupervised learning and generative models in python/pytorch.
  5. pyvarinf: Python package facilitating the use of Bayesian Deep Learning methods with Variational Inference for PyTorch.
  6. pyprob: A PyTorch-based library for probabilistic programming and inference compilation.
  7. mia: A library for running membership inference attacks against ML models.

四. 其他库

  1. pytorch extras : Some extra features for pytorch.
  2. functional zoo : PyTorch, unlike lua torch, has autograd in it's core, so using modular structure of torch.nn modules is not necessary, one can easily allocate needed Variables and write a function that utilizes them, which is sometimes more convenient. This repo contains model definitions in this functional way, with pretrained weights for some models.
  3. torch-sampling : This package provides a set of transforms and data structures for sampling from in-memory or out-of-memory data.
  4. torchcraft-py : Python wrapper for TorchCraft, a bridge between Torch and StarCraft for AI research.
  5. aorun : Aorun intend to be a Keras with PyTorch as backend.
  6. logger : A simple logger for experiments.
  7. PyTorch-docset : PyTorch docset! use with Dash, Zeal, Velocity, or LovelyDocs.
  8. convert_torch_to_pytorch : Convert torch t7 model to pytorch model and source.
  9. pretrained-models.pytorch: The goal of this repo is to help to reproduce research papers results.
  10. pytorch_fft : PyTorch wrapper for FFTs

五. 教程例子

  1. Practical Pytorch : Tutorials explaining different RNN models
  2. DeepLearningForNLPInPytorch : An IPython Notebook tutorial on deep learning, with an emphasis on Natural Language Processing.
  3. pytorch-tutorial : tutorial for researchers to learn deep learning with pytorch.
  4. pytorch-exercises : pytorch-exercises collection.
  5. pytorch tutorials : Various pytorch tutorials.
  6. pytorch examples : A repository showcasing examples of using pytorch
  7. pytorch practice : Some example scripts on pytorch.
  8. pytorch mini tutorials : Minimal tutorials for PyTorch adapted from Alec Radford's Theano tutorials.
  9. pytorch text classification : A simple implementation of CNN based text classification in Pytorch
  10. cats vs dogs : Example of network fine-tuning in pytorch for the kaggle competition Dogs vs. Cats Redux: Kernels Edition. Currently #27 (0.05074) on the leaderboard.

六. 论文实现

  1. google_evolution : This implements one of result networks from Large-scale evolution of image classifiers by Esteban Real, et. al.
  2. pyscatwave : Fast Scattering Transform with CuPy/PyTorch,read the paper here
  3. scalingscattering : Scaling The Scattering Transform : Deep Hybrid Networks.
  4. deep-auto-punctuation : a pytorch implementation of auto-punctuation learned character by character.
  5. Realtime_Multi-Person_Pose_Estimation : This is a pytorch version of Realtime_Multi-Person_Pose_Estimation, origin code is here .
  6. PyTorch-value-iteration-networks : PyTorch implementation of the Value Iteration Networks (NIPS '16) paper
  7. pytorch_Highway : Highway network implemented in pytorch.
  8. pytorch_NEG_loss : NEG loss implemented in pytorch.
  9. pytorch_RVAE : Recurrent Variational Autoencoder that generates sequential data implemented in pytorch.
  10. pytorch_TDNN : Time Delayed NN implemented in pytorch.

七. 其他Pytorch资源

  1. the-incredible-pytorch : The Incredible PyTorch: a curated list of tutorials, papers, projects, communities and more relating to PyTorch.
  2. generative models : Collection of generative models, e.g. GAN, VAE in Tensorflow, Keras, and Pytorch. http://wiseodd.github.io
  3. pytorch vs tensorflow : an informative thread on reddit.
  4. Pytorch discussion forum
  5. pytorch notebook: docker-stack : A project similar to Jupyter Notebook Scientific Python Stack
  6. drawlikebobross: Draw like Bob Ross using the power of Neural Networks (With PyTorch)!
  7. pytorch-tvmisc: Totally Versatile Miscellanea for Pytorch
  8. pytorch-a3c-mujoco: Implement A3C for Mujoco gym envs.
  9. PyTorch in 5 Minutes.
  10. pytorch_chatbot: A Marvelous ChatBot implemented using PyTorch.



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