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Several months ago I sent mail to mail address INBOX@001.AG3.R3.SAP-AG.DE and the mail could be found in AG3/001 as expected.

However recently I did the same thing but it does not work again. The error message in SOST shows no node determined for inbox address. Henning: This is an error message for an outbound mail you were trying to send from an agent role to outside the CRM system, right?

You would need outbound node settings to enable that e.g. in here:

These settings are for inbound. And thus not related to the error you show above. I checked customizing in AG3

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Subject: RE: one question regarding inbound email

I did some more tests and I think I might understand what you are trying to do:

You want to send a mail to INBOX@001.AG3.R3.SAP-AG.DE But you do not want to send from outlook but from an agent role. So it is an outbound mail from the perspective of agent 1 who sends it. And an inbound mail from ERMS perspective and agent 2 who receives it.

Is that your use case?

In any case we needed the change I made in SO28 (prefix of new recipient = “ERMS”). Next, for sending the mail out of IC to INBOX@001.AG3.R3.SAP-AG.DE we need to allow the domain *AG3.R3.SAP-AG.DE as an address area for outbound mails:

Now if we send a mail from IC:

We can see it in the outbound queue:

And if I start the processing – at least we do not get the missing node error any more.

So the system si trying to send the message.

But …… the inbound queue is totally empty since more than 2 month:

This is something that I have no experience with. It might be related to Telnet settings which are outside our responsibility. The notes 455140, 607108 describe on how to make settings and how to check this area.

1.) I think the New Recipient field is filled wrongly: The prefix in the new recipient column is “Inbox” while it should be “ERMS”

I adjusted the settings:

For some other reasons mails that I send from outlook to INBOX@001.AG3.R3.SAP-AG.DE do not reach the system anyways. Actually I do not see any inbound send requests at all in that system:

Maybe Gero knows more about ERMS testing in AG3. I only test in QD3.

2.) it seems to me like you are maybe confusing in- and outbound settings, see my comments below.




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