SAP云平台上的Fiori administation工具


Sent: Tuesday 31 March 2015 12:25

I have one question regarding Fiori administration tools on HANA HCP. Since Pavel is out of office, would you please kindly have a look? In your wiki it is said “Fiori administation tools are based on Admin Console project. For the short term the existing Fiori configuration UIs will be reused.”

My question: Suppose I have a cloud system: When I log on the system with my own SCN user, I could see tiles below:

I knew the fact that this tile information is returned via REST service My question: how we could make configurations on the settings below on HANA HCP?

If our Fiori application is running on traditional frontend server as BSP application, it is easy to make configurations via launch pad designer. However, we are not clear how to achieve the same when working on HANA HCP. In your wiki you mentioned “For the short term the existing Fiori configuration UIs will be reused.” I don’t think the existing Fiori configuration ui could be reused since it is implemented via the main.html of BSP application below, which is not available in HANA HCP.

I did find one page called “AdminConsole.html” which is located within the same folder as FioriLaunchpad.html:

However it could not work as I expect:

Can you please kindly help us to clarify how to do tile configuration or personalization on HANA HCP? Thanks a lot for your help!


The latest administration tool for FLP@HCP is named “FCC” – FLP content cockpit. Please find attached a link to its help: It follows the principles depicted in the Admin console project (Design time editors developed according to Fiori paradigm and consumed via FLP instance).


HCP上的tile是通过Ran给的link里提到的FCC来完成的: 我们在netweaver Launchpad designer里做的事情都在这个FCC里做。 只有admin才有权限。




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