SAP CRM WebClient UI和CRM Fiori Account里显示Opportunity逻辑

我们知道SAP CRM WebClient UI的Account页面下有一个assignment block名叫opportunities,在SAP CRM Fiori UI里也有一个opportunities的下拉菜单。

I have checked in GM4001/GHD504 with my own user WANGJER, and the result is I could see EQUAL data from these two different UIs.

When I select the Opportunity from MyAccount dropdown list in Fiori for my account JERRYACOUN, I see 8 opportunities:

And in WebUI, I see exactly those 8 opportunities in the assignment block:

And when I click “MyOpportunity” tile in Launchpad, we use the following url to get opportunities list from CRM backend:

https://:7080/sap/opu/odata/sap/CRM_OPPORTUNITY/Opportunities?KaTeX parse error: Expected 'EOF', got '&' at position 7: skip=0&̲top=20&select=Guidselect=Guid%2cId%2cDescription%2cClosingDate%2cExpectedSalesVolume%2cCurrencyCode%2cProspectNumber%2cProspectName%2cUserStatusCode%2cUserStatusText&select=Guidinlinecount=allpages&sap-client=001

And if you set a breakpoint on method below in CRM system, you can see that we specified three search parameter to consume 1order search API:

The three parameters means “fetch all OPEN or IN PROCESS Opportunities which fall into given response area’.

RESPONS_AREA = 1 means “My own responsible Opportunities”, RESPONS_AREA = 2 means “My teams’ Opportunities”.




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