Bug: I created this Lead on 14:21 TimeZone is UTC+8. The change log should show time 14:21, but it show the CET time(6 hours gap).


Self-Configure: Make clear there is two Personal Time Zone in the backend (User Time Zone and System Time Zone).

Key Point: Make clear to the time convert during backend and frontend. (1)In DB, it’s CET time.

(2)In OneOrder, after select data from DB, we use below function, convert the CET time to User Time Zone.

(3)In our program, we can’t transport User Time Zone out to UI directly, we should convert User Time Zone to UTC and update it_ausg. (it’s better for UI to convert UTC to your browser time)

(4)In the frontend, we can just use one logic, convert UTC to local time.

It’s the process of time convert, be clear.




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