CRM Fiori Customer report filter过滤器

Webstorm更友好的Git版本控制,有改动的行有白色标记提示,并且能够inline查看diff或者选择revert,这样我就不担心mess up production code了。

安装Chrome webstorm插件后,联动chrome在IDE里面即可进行JavaScript debugging

类似SAPGUI中的Find usages功能(另外ctrl + 鼠标左键也能快速跳转到选中的function implementation)

Customer report有两种类型的filter:

Design time filter:在Webclient ui里定义。Report挂的底层HANA calculated view里的每个column都可以作为filter。

Runtime facet Filter ( 费解,不明白印度人的代码注释里把它称之为runtime filter )

这个filter的来源:简单得说,来自底层HANA queryview的metadata里,是HANA query view association的一个子集。如果一个association item通过了印度人代码里一系列的测试,那么这个association item就出现在Fiori ui的filter list里。

抱怨的issue:在Fiori UI里选了某个facet filter后:

Expected behavior:如果这个report同时维护了两种filter,both must be applied

现在遇到的behavior:只有runtime facet filter起作用,design time filter完全被忽略掉了。


For a given customer report, we could either define its design time filter in webclient ui for example see screenshot1 below:

Or use facet filter in Fiori ui:

We have received one customer incident regarding filters in customer report. Customer complains when they specify a given facet filter in Fiori ui, the data is retrieved from HANA DB without taking design time filter into consideration. In order to work on this incident, I need to reproduce the issue in our internal system. However, currently I could not find any customer report in QHD/504 which has available facet filters maintained. Since I have found that you have created lots of customer reports in QHD/504, so just would like to know have you even tested this scenario before ( I mean use both filters at the same time )? If yes, it would be quite helpful if you share with me the name of one.




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