visualize your CDS view via Analysis Path Framework (APF)

Click tile APF Configuration Modeler,

Create a new Application:

Use the default semantic object:

Create a new configuration which acts as a container for sub settings such as Filters and Categories:

In Smart Filter, choose the OData service and entity type created from previous step.

Add a new category:

Select this new category and create a new step:

In the step creation page, just select all the two properties exposed by CDS view Z_C_Order, that is:

Create a new Representation based on this step:

Here for representation type, I just choose the most simple one: Table. Choose property from drop down list for table display.

Once done, click execute button, you will see the following screen:

Then choose the table representation:

Then the table is displayed as expected:

Its content matches with the data in the corresponding database table.

update 2016-05-24: lots of chart type are supported: Line Chart:

Bar Chart:

Pie Chart:




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