Access the OData service exposed by your CDS view via Smart Business Tile

It is possible to configure a Smart business tile which consumes the OData service exposed by your CDS view.

  1. Create a new KPI definition:

maintain the four mandatory attributes below. For Semantic Object/Action for KPI itself, keep them empty.

then create a new evaluation based on this KPI:

  1. Select evaluation and click button “Configure Tile”:

Here you can create a new Smart Business tile: For three mandatory attributes, you must specify the hard coded values as highlighted below:

Assign this tile to a given catalog. And for Application Parameter, choose parameter name as sap-apf-configuration-id and value as convention …

  1. Once tile creation is done, add the tile to catalog group via personalization:

Save the change, now you should see the Smart business tile in launchpad.

Enter the tile, you can now see rendered chart as expected:





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