flag no_redetermination and switch

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Created by Jerry Wang, last modified on Feb 16, 2015

Even a text object is selected for text determination execution, ( it means it is picked to execute subroutine determine_text ), however it does not mean that the real determination process will be executed: 

The real logic ( subroutine copy_text ) will only be executed if flag no_redetermination = abap_false ( it means redetermination is necessary ).

There are two kinds of logics to determine the flag no_redetermination: switch and change mode.


If there is product change or item change or partner change in current session, text redetermination must be switched on.

The switch information for current session is fetched from FM COM_TEXT_GET_SWITCH:

This is not a business switch but just a global internal table:

Perform a where used operation on gt_text_switch, and find the FM COM_TEXT_SET_SWITCH:

In this way we can find all use cases where the corresponding switch could be switched on:

case1: del_prot_text

case2: partner change - line 60

case3: product change 




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