Equipment delta upload from CRM to ERP

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An equipment in ERP is downloaded to CRM

    Change its description in CRM

Expectation: the description change could be replicated back to ERP automatically, ( once necessary customizing is done ).

I search in CSS against customer ticket with keyword “equipment upload DNL_EQUIPMENT”. After several hours I found this ticket: 2010 485648. The callstack draws my attention:

According to it, I assume the equipment upload ( FM CRM_EQUI_UPLOAD_R3A_OS ) is executed under flow text M01, so I add the following entry in AG3/001: (SM30 SMW3FDCUST. Previously it is missing )

Then I made change and debug the inbound queue:

And this time CRM_UPLOAD_TO_OLTP is called with the callstack exactly the same as the one mentioned in customer incident. Also the upload handler for DNL_EQUIPMENT is also determined successfully.

The existing Subscription for PRODUCT_INDOBJ is defined incorrectly (that was back in 2012). The used criteria is never fulfilled (OBJECT_FAMILY = *). Hence your data with object family 0401 were not send to EBJ.

I created a new subscription for Object Family 0401 (PROD_INDOBJ Jerry)

That was the only problem, the entry you created in table SMW3FDCUST is not needed – I deactivated it. The service to determine which system should get the data … and the call of the service that finally sends the data to the other system are standard services for flow context M01. The standard services are maintained in table SMW3DFST.

I executed one of your BDoc messages and now data are sent to EBP (while the data are being processed in EBJ you see an outbound queue in AG3, like e.g. R3AUINDOBJZJERRY0827). The ERP sends also an acknowledgment back to CRM. This acknowledgement is processed with CRM Inbound queue R3AD_DNL_EQUIPMENT. You can see e.g. the BDoc message with ID LUTZS20140917161251 in AG3 (transaction SME01).




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