AI 的冬天快来了?


深度学习大大推动了AI发展,但是它的影响被过度夸张了。现在看来,深度学习最终也只会成为一个工具--人类已经开发出来的诸多工具中的一个,可能处理某些课题来特别好用,但是不能够达到AGI, artificial general intelligence.

看到学界、科技公司、创投圈对AI的热度开始淡下来,而且的确「深度学习」似乎并没有live up to当年战胜李世石带来的想象空间,我不知是失望还是欣慰。


”all of the "computing power" that resides in a human brain's 100 billion neurons and its roughly ten quadrillion synaptic connections can be bypassed with a handful of state-of-the-art chips, and that all that is needed to produce the most powerful artistic outbursts of all time (and many more of equal power, if not greater) is a nanoscopic fraction thereof -- and that it can all be accomplished, thank you very much, by an entity that knows nothing of knowing, seeing, hearing, tasting, living, dying, struggling, suffering, aging, yearning, singing, dancing, fighting, kissing, hoping, fearing, winning, losing, crying, laughing, loving, longing, or caring.“




:回复“秋风01”,Chiu Feng season 01

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