RadControls for Silverlight includes 24 UI controls that can be used in pure Silverlight applications or as parts of existing ASP.NET applications. Sharing the same codebase with our WPF components, the Silverlight controls offer a clean and intuitive API, complete Blend support and powerful theming capabilities that will radically improve your RIA development.


As the release of Silverlight draws near, DevExpress has invested the engineering resources needed to deliver a feature-rich grid control for Silverlight. Not just a "preview" of what is possible with Silverlight, the AgDataGrid Suite was developed to fully exploit the power and flexibility of the platform and will ship with the following features......


It’s here; the most complete suite of Silverlight controls on the market – with over 30 Silverlight controls! We didn’t stop there. ComponentOne Studio® for Silverlight controls are easy to style, packed with built-in features, and are compatible across multiple browsers. The future of Web development tools is yours. Illuminate your RIAs today with rich design, interactivity, and enhanced performance.


Infragistics Silverlight Data Visualization controls feature the new Map, Timeline and Zoombar in addition to Charting with more than 28 chart types, and powerful Gauges. Includes SharePoint® Web Parts, providing developers with the tools to design data visualization and dashboard-driven applications today.


WebAqua.NET™ 2.0 brings the future Web UI and UX concept build upon Microsoft Silverlight 2.0. It is designed with two key objectives - bringing aqua-fresh and crystal clear experience to your professional Web application.


A brief tour of GOA Toolkit Controls for Silverlight. Browse Commands, Container and Navigators samples in this demo.


Visifire is a set of open source data visualization components - powered by Microsoft® Silverlight™ & WPF. Visifire is a multi-targeting control which can be used in both WPF & Silverlight applications. Using the same API, charts in both Silverlight & WPF environments can be created within minutes. Visifire can also be embedded in any webpage as a standalone Silverlight App. Visifire is independent of server side technology. It can be used with ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails or just simple HTML. Don't take our word for it! Visit Visifire Gallery or design your own chart using Chart Designer.


Quickly and easily add upload capabilities to any Silverlight 2 application.



SandDock is our award-winning window management software that enables dockable windows and advanced window management functionality in applications that use it. We have ported this technology to the Silverlight platform to bring web developers flexible window management features for their online applications. The product is designed to offer the power of the Visual Studio windowing system - though that doesn't mean your application will look like Visual Studio.

Kit 3D

Kit3D is a 3D graphics engine written for Microsoft Silverlight. Kit3D was initally released in a JavaScript format to run with Silverlight 1.0, now there is a new release which is written for the upcoming Silverlight 2 release. The new version of the engine is written in C# and the classes now model the WPF3D types which are found in the System.Windows.Media.Media3D namespace. Applications written using Kit3D will look nearly identical to code written to produce WPF3D content. NOTE: Use this library at your own risk, it does not come with any level of support.

Tweener(Of T)


agTweener provides a toolkit for Silverlight designers and developers to achieve animation and transition effects similar to toolkits currently available for Flash/Flex developers by defining transition effects in .NET code and applying these effects to any FrameworkElement.


I'm happy to announce the Alpha 2 release of Silverlight Contrib!  If you have been following the project on CodePlex, you know that a lot has changed in the past few weeks.  The team has grown to 6 members and we have added quite a few new features (including Silverlight 2 RTW Compatibility).  Additionally, we have created a web site (SilverlightContrib.org) which contains live demonstrations of many features in Silverlight Contrib as well as an RSS feed for keeping up with announcements.

Silverlight Toolkit

The Silverlight Toolkit is a collection of Silverlight controls, components and utilities made available outside the normal Silverlight release cycle. It adds new functionality quickly for designers and developers, and provides the community an efficient way to help shape product development by contributing ideas and bug reports. This first release includes full source code, unit tests, samples and documentation for 12 new controls covering charting, styling, layout, and user input.


The aim of Silverlight Extensions is to group usefull controls and silverlight best practises in one place.


ComponentArt is pleased to announce the details of our most significant release to date – ComponentArt Web.UI 2009.1. The upcoming release we will add a new Scheduler control to our flagship Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX product line as well as introduce a major new suite of controls: ComponentArt Web.UI for Silverlight.



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