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SAP Customer Experience数字创新空间 基于 SAP Sales Cloud 的世界杯创新案例

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为全新客户体验而设计的SAP C/4HANA


•We mean that your customers are taking charge of the relationships they have with you. •Your customers do not think in terms of B2B or B2C – they think about themselves as “this is a the Me2B world” •In the Me2B world, customers want these 3 things:

1.Customer centricity - Customers want to feel as if they are the most important people to a business, expect them to know their preferences and anticipate their needs accordingly. Yet most companies struggle with this because they can’t get a comprehensive view of the customer.

2.Data protection - 80% of consumers globally leave brands because their data is used without their permission, and two-thirds of consumers simply don’t trust brands to handle their personal information. How personal data is collected, stored and shared is an important part of the relationship between a business and its customers. Once that trust is broken, it’s impossible to regain.

3.One consistent experience - Finally, given all the choices, customers want a consistent experience across all touchpoints - instore, online, mobile And only one company can help you provide this new experience to your customers.

Introducing SAP C/4HANA

•SAP C/4HANA is a unified suite of cloud solutions that manage the customer experience based on one trusted customer data model. It combines SAP’s front office cloud solutions with SAP S/4 HANA powered by artificial intelligence.

•The SAP C/4HANA portfolio of cloud solutions includes the five cloud solutions previously on the market under the SAP brand name – with some key updates and changes derived from recent acquisitions:

•SAP Commerce Cloud – evolved from hybris’ flagship on-premise offering to its recent launch on Microsoft Azure, allows SAP to invest organically in next-gen native cloud

•SAP Customer Data Cloud – the newest offering, including the acquired Gigya solutions. Consent, Profile and Identify features differentiate this offering

•SAP Marketing Cloud – now integrates to SAP Commerce Cloud, open to partnerships and tuck-Ins

•SAP Sales Cloud - unites former SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer offering with SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud, the on-premise SAP Hybris Billing solution, and the acquired CallidusCloud solutions

•SAP Service Cloud - The focus of service cloud is on both Field Service and ext generation multi-channel customer engagement & support

SAP C/4HANA 数字创新空间 成立于2016年7月,是SAP成都研究院和天府软件园的合作的开放创新空间,坐落于成都天府软件园。


我们致力于运用最新的客户体验技术和创新理念推动创新,搭建平台,与SAP生态系统的客户、合作伙伴、同事、大学和创新社区相互交流,将客户需求与SAP的产品、平台和创新成果相整合,共同探索智慧企业与数字化转型之路。 我们的团队是来自SAP成都研究院的跨学科创新团队,团队成员包括SAP C/4HANA研发部门资深产品经理和开发成员、项目顾问、商业咨询顾问、设计思维和商业模式创新教练和用户体验师等。

SAP Hybris数字创新空间在成都天府软件园盛大开幕 https://news.sap.com/china/2016/07/sap-hybris数字创新空间在成都天府软件园盛大开幕/

…INSPIRE? The ideas for our prototypes and demos derive from a genuine interest in emerging technologies which we apply to areas in the business world that provide room for innovation. We start with an open mind and then work towards finding the link between the status-quo, the trend, and the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. Labs wants to inspire the vision for the company’s future.

…let you EXPERIENCE? We don’t just conceptualise, we code and build. You’ll get the chance to test our creations and tell us what you think. When we present our showcases at events and in our showrooms, we expect to be criticised. It’s up to you – our customers, partners and colleagues – to evaluate the relevance of our demos. The experiences you gain will let you understand the direction in which we’re heading, enabling you to tell a story about your very own vision. …SHARE? We love shooting videos and writing blog posts to spread the word, but that’s not enough. Collaboration is our tool of choice to widen knowledge externally and internally. By working together with customers, partners, other SAP teams, universities and start-ups, we want to create a network that fuels innovation within SAP Customer Experience and beyond. Sharing means caring! We will learn about our customers business problems and engage in co-innovation projects to solve them.

•此创新案例基于典型的客户需求开发,借助设计世界杯足球的案例,致力于拉近企业产品与客户的距离,让工程师在新产品开发的过程中更心应手。 • •通过在产品目录中运用增强现实(AR)技术,工程师们可以选择企业的各种不同原材料,并实时获得反馈。例如,根据选定配置,足球会更重,或者更容易受到雨天影响等。 • •整个过程在微信中完成,如果工程师满意一项配置,他可以轻松地通过微信的分享功能发送给项目团队成员。聊天机器人推动团队协作,在SAP Sales Cloud中生成报价。基于协作的结果,聊天机器人也可以完成推荐和捆绑销售。 •



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