Make Membership header extension fields editable

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In loyalty management, even after new field is created via application extension tool and does not mark it as “display only”, still it is not editable.

The edit control on those fields is done in method IF_LOY_FRW_PROPERTY_OBJECT~GET_PROPERTY. Only fields listed in the method are marked as editable.

Fortunately there is a BAdI call to allow the field properties to be changed in a custom way.

Create a new BAdI implementation in Customer Relationship Management->Marketing->Loyalty Management->Business Add-Ins for Loyalty Management->BAdI:Membership Save

implement the method below in your enhancement implementation:

METHOD if_loy_frw_property_object~get_property.

DATA: ls_field_property       TYPE loys_frw_field_property ,
lt_prop_table           TYPE TABLE OF  loys_frw_field_property,
ls_obj_field_property   TYPE loys_frw_obj_field_property,
lv_object_name          TYPE loy_frw_object.

FIELD-SYMBOLS:   <ls_value_x>               TYPE any,
<fs_obj_field_property>    TYPE loys_frw_obj_field_property.

ASSIGN COMPONENT if_loy_msh_constants=>gc_msh_guid OF STRUCTURE is_data TO <ls_value_x>.

lv_object_name = ir_object->mv_object.

READ TABLE et_property WITH TABLE KEY guid = <ls_value_x> ASSIGNING <fs_obj_field_property>.

CASE lv_object_name.

WHEN if_loy_msh_constants=>gc_mshbolobj_mems.                                    " Membership

ls_field_property-field_name = 'ZZBFLD0000OW'.
ls_field_property-property = if_loy_msh_constants=>gc_field_property.
INSERT ls_field_property INTO TABLE <fs_obj_field_property>-property.

WHEN if_loy_msh_constants=>gc_mshbolobj_memsmemb.                                 " Membership Member( MEMSMEMB) Link Object.

WHEN if_loy_msh_constants=>gc_mshobolobj_mems.                                    " Org Membership



now the extension field is editable.




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