Sales Volume Analysis PoC app test - environment setup finished

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Created by Wang, Jerry, last modified on Jun 10, 2016

We’ve build up the test environment, now there’s a first test version (not finial version of this takt) can be tested. And there’re still some issues and implementation not finished yet, but you could test first. Note: System unstable lately, tile maybe not available, especially in afternoon, recommend to test in the morning.

Some known issue:

(1) If you add a first step, then for example you click a point in the chart, and you add a second step, there will be dump. (Because the filter you select and the filter in the upper bar has conflict right now, this issue will be raised to APF colleague)

(2) Pie Chart can’t display percentage (Limitation in APF modeler, this will become a requirement)

(3) Select points or bars in chart to filter subsequent steps will not affect the filters above like this. (Rationality need further discuss)

You could follow the below steps to test:

Go to tab ‘Roles’, and input a new entry ‘Z_SVA_TEST_ROLE’ in the below list, press enter and save.

Go to tab ‘Roles’, and input a new entry ‘Z_SVA_TEST_ROLE’ in the below list, press enter and save.

Select ZSales – Analytics Catalog:

Press ‘Plus’ button under the tile, then go back to home, you could see the tile.

Note: Roles added by yourself will be cleared every day in UXT, without the role, you can’t run the app, so either you could add this role every day. 要获取更多Jerry的原创文章,请关注公众号"汪子熙":




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