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var check = require('validator').check,
    sanitize = require('validator').sanitize

check('').len(6, 64).isEmail();       //Methods are chainable
check('abc').isInt();                               //Throws 'Invalid integer'
check('abc', 'Please enter a number').isInt();      //Throws 'Please enter a number'

//Sanitize / Filter
var int = sanitize('0123').toInt();                  //123
var bool = sanitize('true').toBoolean();             //true
var str = sanitize(' \s\t\r hello \n').trim();      //'hello'
var str = sanitize('aaaaaaaaab').ltrim('a');        //'b'
var str = sanitize(large_input_str).xss();
var str = sanitize('&lt;a&gt;').entityDecode();     //'<a>'



iz.alphaNumeric(*);               // Is number or string(contains only numbers or strings)
iz.between(number, start, end);   // Number is start or greater but less than or equal to end, all params numeric
iz.blank(*);                      // Empty string, undefined or null
iz.boolean(*);                    // true, false, 0, 1*);                         // Luhn checksum approved value*);                       // Is a data obj or is a string that is easily converted to a date
iz.decimal(*);                    // Contains 1 decimal point and potentially can have a - at the beginning*);                      // Seems like a valid email address
iz.extension(ob1, ob2);           // If obj2's methods are all found in obj1
iz.fileExtension(arr, value);     // Checks if the extension of value is in arr. An obj can be provide, but must have indexOf defined.
iz.fileExtensionAudio(value);     // Check against mp3, ogg, wav, aac
iz.fileExtensionImage(value);     // Check against png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, svg, gif
iz.inArray(arr, value);           // If * is in the array*, bool (optional));       // Is an int. If the 2nd variable is true (false by default) a decimal is allowed
iz.ip(str);                       // str resembles an IPV4 or IPV6 address
iz.minLen(val, min);              // val (str or arr) is greater than min
iz.maxLen(val, max);              // val (str or arr) is shorter than max
iz.multiple(num, mult);           // Number is multiple of another number
iz.number(*);                     // Is either an int or decimal
iz.ofType(obj, typeName);         // If it is a named object, and the name matches the string, canHaveExtension?); // Is an american phone number. Any punctuations are allowed.
iz.postal(*);                     // Is a postal code or zip code
iz.ssn(*);                        // Is a social security number