PHishing EMAIL tool v0.13 Usage: [-e ] [-m] [-f ] [-r ] [-s] [-b ] -e emails: File containing list of emails(Default: emails.txt) -f from_address: Source emailaddress displayed in FROM field of the email (Default: Name Surname) -r reply_address: Actual emailaddress used to send the emails in case that people reply to the email(Default: Name Surname ) -s subject: Subject of theemail (Default: Newsletter) -b body: Body of the email(Default: body.txt) -p pages: Specifies number ofresults pages searched (Default: 10 pages) -v verbose: Verbose Mode(Default: false) -l layout: Send email with noembedded pictures -B BeEF: Add the hook for BeEF -m mail_server: SMTP mailserver to connect to -g Google: Use a google accountusername:password -t Time delay: Add deleaybetween each email (Default: 3 sec) -R Bunch of emails per time(Default: 10 emails) -L webserverLog: Customise thename of the webserver log file (Default: Date time in format"%d_%m_%Y_%H_%M") -S Search: query on Google -d domain: of email addresses -n number: of emails perconnection (Default: 10 emails) -c clone: Clone a web page -w website: where the phishingemail link points to -o save output in a file -F Format (Default: 0): 0- firstname surname 1- 2- 3- 4- 6- 7- 8- 9- firstname_

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