iTerm2 发布 3.2.0 beta1 版本,带来新的渲染引擎

iTerm2 已发布 3.2.0 beta1 版本,这是一款用于 macOS 的终端模拟器。

iTerm2 是 iTerm 的后继者,也是 Terminal 的替代者。支持窗口分割、热键、搜索、自动补齐、无鼠标复制、历史粘贴、即时重播等功能特性,适用于 MacOS 10.10 及以上版本。

3.2.0 beta1 带来了基于 Metal 2 的新渲染引擎,以及:

  • New advanced pref: Open a new window when you click the dock icon and no windows are already open
  • New advanced pref: When Focus Follows Mouse is enabled,activate the window under the cursor when iTerm2 becomes active
  • New advanced pref: Underline Semantic History-selectable items under the cursor while holding cmd
  • You can now escape $$ in an Applescript profile command with $$$$
  • New advanced pref (affecting semantic history's URL detection): URLs must contain a scheme
  • Show inline images in retina resolution. On by default in beta. In release, enable advanced pref "Show inline images at Retina resolution".
  • There is a new key binding action to toggle mouse reporting.
  • Semantic history now recognizes visual studio code-style "filename[line, column]" references.
  • There's a new type of trigger that turns text into a hyperlink.


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