Prometheus 2.3.0 发布,Go 编写的服务监控系统

服务监控系统 Prometheus 2.3.0 已发布,Prometheus 是一个 Go 语言开发的开源的服务监控系统和时间序列数据库。


  • [更改] marathon_sd: use auth_token and auth_token_file for token-based authentication instead of bearer_token and bearer_token_file respectively.
  • [更改] Metric names for HTTP server metrics changed
  • [特性] Add query commands to promtool
  • [特性] Add security headers to HTTP server responses
  • [特性] Pass query hints via remote read API
  • [特性] Basic auth passwords can now be configured via file across all configuration
  • [改进] Optimise PromQL and API serialization for memory usage and allocations
  • [改进] Limit number of dropped targets in web UI
  • [改进] Consul and EC2 service discovery allow using server-side filtering for performance improvement
  • [改进] Add advanced filtering configuration to EC2 service discovery
  • [改进] marathon_sd: adds support for basic and bearer authentication, plus all other common HTTP client options (TLS config, proxy URL, etc.)
  • [改进] Provide machine type metadata and labels in GCE service discovery
  • [改进] Add pod controller kind and name to Kubernetes service discovery data
  • [改进] Move TSDB to flock-based log file that works with Docker containers
  • [修复] Properly propagate storage errors in PromQL
  • [修复] Fix path prefix for web pages
  • [修复] Fix goroutine leak in Consul service discovery
  • [修复] Fix races in scrape manager
  • [修复] Fix OOM for very large k in PromQL topk() queries
  • [修复] Make remote write more resilient to unavailable receivers
  • [修复] Make remote write shutdown cleanly
  • [修复] Don't leak files on errors in TSDB's tombstone cleanup
  • [修复] Unary minus expressions now removes the metric name from results
  • [修复] Fix bug that lead to wrong amount of samples considered for time range expressions


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