SonarLint for Eclipse 3.6 发布,可激活或停用任意规则

SonarLint for Eclipse 3.6 已发布,该版本在规则的管理上更进一步,现在可以在 Eclipse 首选项中找到已打开或关闭的规则,阅读其描述并选择激活或停用。

该版本还包含最新版本的 SonarJava analyzer ,支持使用 Java 10 构建的项目。

此外,还包含 29 条新规则:

  • S2761 - Unary prefix operators should not be repeated (Bug)
  • S4351 - "compareTo" should not be overloaded (Bug, pitfall)
  • S3366 - "this" should not be exposed from constructors (Code Smell, multi-threading, cwe, suspicious)
  • S4449 - Nullness of parameters should be guaranteed (Code Smell)
  • S4454 - "equals" method parameters should not be marked "@Nonnull" (Code Smell)
  • S126 - "if ... else if" constructs should end with "else" clauses (Code Smell, misra, cert)
  • S1821 - "switch" statements should not be nested (Code Smell, pitfall)
  • S4423 - Weak SSLContexts should not be used (Vulnerability, owasp-a6, cwe, sans-top25-porous)
  • S3510 - HostnameVerifier.verify" should not always return true (Vulnerability, owasp-a6, cwe)
  • S4201 - Null check should not be used with instanceof (Code Smell)
  • S4248 - Regex patterns should not be created needlessly (Code Smell, performance)
  • S4274 - Asserts should not be used to check the parameters of a public method (Code Smell, pitfall)
  • S4276 - Functional Interfaces should be as specialised as possible (Code Smell, performance)
  • S2234 - Parameters should be passed in the correct order (Code Smell)
  • S4524 - "default" clauses should be last (Code Smell, misra)
  • S3626 - Jump statements should not be redundant (Code Smell, clumsy)
  • S4425 - "Integer.toHexString" should not be used to build hexadecimal strings (Code Smell, cwe)
  • S3973 - Conditionally executed code should be denoted by either indentation or curly braces (Code Smell, suspicious)
  • S4424 - TrustManagers should not blindly accept any certificates (Vulnerability, owasp-a6, cwe, cert)
  • S2255 - Cookies should not be used to store sensitive information (Vulnerability, owasp-a3, cwe, cert)
  • S2755 - Untrusted XML should be parsed with a local, static DTD (Vulnerability, owasp-a1, owasp-a4, cwe)
  • S3329 - Cypher Block Chaining IV's should be random and unique (Vulnerability, owasp-a6, cwe)
  • S3330 - "HttpOnly" should be set on cookies (Vulnerability, owasp-a7, cwe, sans-top25-insecure)
  • S4426 - Cryptographic keys should not be too short (Vulnerability, owasp-a3, cwe)
  • S4432 - AES encryption algorithm should be used with secured mode (Vulnerability, owasp-a6, cwe, cert, sans-top25-porous)
  • S4433 - LDAP connections should be authenticated (Vulnerability, owasp-a2, cwe)
  • S4434 - LDAP deserialization should be disabled (Vulnerability, owasp-a8, cwe, cert)
  • S4435 - XML transformers should be secured (Vulnerability, owasp-a4, cwe)
  • S4499 - SMTP SSL connection should check server identity (Vulnerability, owasp-a3, cwe)

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