gRPC 1.13.0 发布,谷歌开源的高性能 RPC 框架

gRPC 1.13.0 已发布,此版本包含重要的改进和错误修复,针对 Objective-C、PHP 和 Python 这几个语言版本都有重要的更新,其中重点列出如下:


  • gRPC stats will only be collected for debug builds or if GRPC_COLLECT_STATS is defined. It will be disabled for opt builds. (#15280)
  • Fix for Issue #13553. Unlimited can now be set as the max receive message length. (#15394)



  • Experimental support for the client-side interceptor. (#13342#15779)
  • Add upper bound for the persistent channel per target, which can be set by the option ‘grpc_target_persist_bound’. By default, only 1 channel will be persisted for each target. (#15218)
  • Add experimental API for the call invoker. (#15749)


  • Binary wheels for Python 3.7 on manylinux1 platform are now available.
  • Source code is now Pylint 1.9.2-compliant (#15682).
  • Testing utilities for gRPC Python are now readily available via grpcio-testing from PyPI (#15819).
  • requirements.txt no longer lists the futures package as a dependency—whose installation used to be unnecessary on Python 3 but now actively breaks on Python 3 (#15362).
  • Python errors have become more verbose. They now surface the actual error from gRPC Core: #13689
  • GRPC_ENABLE_FORK_SUPPORT=false is no longer required when running fork-exec.
  • Relying on an explicit with statement or explicitly calling Channel.close to release the underlying resources in Channel objects is now a required coding practice starting in v1.13.0.


gRPC 是 Google 开源的高性能、通用 RPC 框架,面向移动和 HTTP/2 设计,是由谷歌发布的首款基于 Protocol Buffers 的 RPC 框架。gRPC 基于 HTTP/2 标准设计,带来诸如双向流、流控、头部压缩、单 TCP 连接上的多复用请求等特性。这些特性使得其在移动设备上表现更好,更省电且节省空间占用。

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