Node v10.6.0 发布,提供处于实验阶段的 DNS 模块功能

Node v10.4.0 已发布,该版本值得关注的更新是已提供处于实验阶段的 DNS 模块功能,此外还包括一些改进,如对 worker 的支持。

  • dns:
    • An experimental promisified version of the dns module is now available. Give it a try with require('dns').promises#21264
  • fs:
    • fs.lchown has been undeprecated now that libuv supports it. #21498
  • lib:
    • Atomics.wake is being renamed to Atomics.notify in the ECMAScript specification (reference). Since Node.js now has experimental support for worker threads, we are being proactive and added a notify alias, while emitting a warning if wake is used. #21413 #21518
  • n-api:
    • Add API for asynchronous functions. #17887
  • util:
    • util.inspect is now able to return a result instead of throwing when the maximum call stack size is exceeded during inspection. #20725
  • vm:
    • Add script.createCachedData(). This API replaces the produceCachedData option of the Script constructor that is now deprecated. #20300
  • worker:
    • Support for relative paths has been added to the Worker constructor. Paths are interpreted relative to the current working directory. #21407


Node.js 是一个基于 Chrome V8 引擎的 JavaScript 运行时。Node.js 使用高效、轻量级的事件驱动、非阻塞 I/O 模型。

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