Kiwi TCMS 5.1 发布,开源全功能测试用例管理系统

Kiwi TCMS 5.1 已发布,Kiwi TCMS 是一个集测试计划、测试运行和测试用例于一身的管理系统,用 Python 和 Django 编写。它具有许多强大的功能,如 Bugzilla 和 JIRA 集成,快速测试计划和运行搜索,针对每个计划、运行和案例以及 XML-RPC API 的强大访问控制。


./ migrate



  • Integrate with Django Report Builder as tech-preview. This makes it possible for power users and administrators to generate tabular reports. You will have to know the existing DB schema if you want to create your own reports. See This feature is in tech-preview and it may be removed if it doesn't work out. Please comment at: Issue #452.
  • Allow using dumpdata|loaddata|sqlflush|dbshell for backups, see blog post
  • In TestCase view page add a link to delete the current test case
  • In TestCase Admin page the + Add TestCase button now allows to create new test case
  • The version menu item in the helper menu now links to Changelog


  • Start showing deprecation warning for Advanced search, see Issue #448

Bug 修复

  • Allows Product/Version/Build to be shown in Testing Report. Fixes Sentry KIWI-TCMS-2C
  • Default to https:// links if not running locally. Fixes Issue #450
  • Apply missing CSS class for object history table so it can be displayed nicely


  • Squash some database migrations
  • Fix a number of pylint issues
  • Remove unused testruns.views::view_caseruns(). References Issue #316
  • Remove unused template report/caserun.html
  • Handle TestRun deletion via admin not home grown code


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