Walk n'Talks Blockchain without cryptocurrencies 不发币的区块链

创业者圆桌终于迎来了Version two.


Here comes the version two of Entrepreneurs Roundtable event.

Let's leave away from workspace. Have a walk and talks along west bund(Xuhui District) with 10 startup founders at 10 am every other sunday morning.

Topic for this week:


不发币的区块链 Blockchain without cryptocurrencies


As a professional networking event organizer, we are trying all the way to make sure the attendants are the cool friends who we want to build connections with and share the time.

From this event, all the attendants must show theirRSVP confirmation email/msg and the same name on the business card /Linkedin profileat entrance to get in.

This event is

NOTfor free entrance

Try to increase the quality of events, we set up a minimal entrance fee to guarantee the attendees with sincere interest of this topic.

If you are interested in how Rising Club works, and feel like offering some helps, such as venues and sponsors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Add Irene Du's wechat :kissaudreyand to get involved in!

TIME10:00-12:00Oct 21 Sunday

Sign-up process will be ended up before 9:55 AM

LocationXuhui Binjiang Planning Exhibition Center

Ruining Rd 99, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China



DRESSCODEBusiness Casual

Bring your business card /Linkedin Profile

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