Hour of Code 编程一小时

This week, over a thousand SSIS students from Kindergarten upwards participated in The Hour of Code. They joined over 100 million students in 180+ countries across 45 different languages in a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science.


每年的12月3日-9日,被称作全球【计算机科学教育周】。由美国公益组织Code.org发起的“编程一小时(Hour of Code)”活动会在全球180多个国家展开,数千万名学生参加。

The Hour of Code is an opportunity for students to not only engage with coding basics, but perhaps more importantly, grow problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity. It is what we call being a "computational thinker" - someone who can develop and employ strategies for understanding and solving problems in ways that leverage the power of technological methods to develop and test solutions.

编程活动不仅可以学习编程基础知识,更重要的是培养孩子解决问题的能力、逻辑思维能力和创造力。我们称之为 “计算思维者” - 能够利用信息技术采用有效的策略分析问题、解决问题、提供有效的问题解决方案。

It's an incredibly valuable skill to nurture as students grow up and into careers which are looking much different than the ones we grew up with. If you would like to do extend the hour at home with your child, visit code.org for more resources. Happy coding!


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