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追求卓越,勇攀高峰 - RWP中国之旅盛大来袭

编辑手记:3月28日,Oracle RWP 性能之旅,北京站再度来袭!Andrew Holdsworth 和 Graham Wood 将带领大家在一天之内,探秘 OLTP 并分享现实世界中性能表现及监控案例,这是继2015年8月 Tom 大师归隐之后,RWP 团队第一次公开亮相! 我相信每一个技术爱好者都对此次的RWP中国之旅充满了期待,而我们有幸邀请到RWP团队全球副总裁Andrew Holdsworth在会前跟大家做个简单交流互动。

Andrew Holdsworth

Oracle Real-World Performance 全球副总裁

It’s 20 Mar, only a week before the RWP China Tour, another technical seminar about Oracle database will also be held at the end of this month in Beijing, on cooperation with RWP and ACOUG.

由RWP团队和ACOUG联合主办的RWP 中国之旅将于本月28在京隆重举办,只剩下一个星期,一场围绕Oracle性能的技术盛会将全面袭来,是不是很期待?

We are all so excited about this conference, and the other reason we are gathering here today is (now you can prepare your applause if you like) that I am going to introduce you Mr. Holdsworth, the Vice President of Real World Performance at Oracle!

今天,还有一个更加让人振奋的消息要带给大家!我们有幸邀请到了RWP团队全球副总裁Andrew Holdsworth,在会前跟大家见面!以下是对Andrew的采访。

Q1:Hello, Mr. Holdsworth. It’s a honor to have this conversation with you, I guess most people work on database have known you well, but for new friends who might also read this, please tell something about yourself, say hello to everybody.


Andrew :Hello, I have been working for Oracle now 27 Years, Not as long as Graham but probably longer than some of our Chinese customers have been alive ! I have been working on Oracle performance projects since my second week at Oracle.


I never intended to make performance my career but I just kept being asked to help with performance problems and I guess my reputation started to build. However over the 27 years I have been very lucky to work and learn from very talented engineers all over the world so I cannot claim all the credit for my reputation. I would however advise all young engineers to find good mentors and role models to help them through their careers. The subject is so big you cannot know everything. Sometimes it is just better to know who to ask!

最初我并没有打算在性能优化方向上做长远发展, 但经常有人找我帮忙处理此类的问题,久而久之,我逐渐因性能优化而出名。事实上在我27年性能优化的生涯中,我非常幸运能够与一群优秀的工程师共事,并互相学习一起进步,所以Oracle在性能优化上的提升和改进这不是我一个人的功劳,我经常会给团队里年轻的成员这样的建议,在工作中树立榜样,寻找目标,这样才能更快地进步。性能优化是一个很大的工程,你不可能搞懂所有的事情,有时候你只需要知道,该去请教谁,从而少走弯路。

Outside of work my passions are sailing and cycling. I have long stopped racing bicycles but I still race my boats as well having adventures sailing between countries. I try and Sail in Chinese Hong Kong Harbor when visiting China.


Q2:It has been two years since last RWP China Tour, which was held in Oct 2015. No need to mention that it was a real great success, 300 technology enthusiasts gather together, they sharing, discussing and of course progressing. It was so much more than collision of technology. and now, with 28 Mar upon us, we will once again usher in such an important gathering. I can’t wait to share this exciting news with the Oracle database technology enthusiasts in China, so they can make their schedules to listen your speech in advance.


Mr. Holdsworth,Would you like to share some interesting memory or the most unforgettable part about last RWP China Tour in Beijing? Simultaneously, what’s your biggest expectation about this time, what subject will you share in conference?



Andrew :Yes it has been a while,I remember it very well. One day I was sailing in Chinese Hong Kong harbor inshorts and a Teeshirt the next day I was in a snow storm in Beijing! 上次RWP到中国的确已经很长时间了,但我仍然记忆尤新。我记得前一天我还穿着T恤和短裤在中国香港划船,第二天就在北京看暴风雪了!

It is always a thrill and a privilege to visit China. I love the size of the database projects, the energy and youth of the technical teams my Team and I work with in China.

来中国对我来说是一种荣幸,也是一件刺激的事情。我们在中国的团队和项目很大,中国区的同事充满了年轻的能量,我们也努力将中国区的项目做得更大更好。 This year I hope to see some familiar faces, friends , meet new friends all who have a passion for making their systems go faster and wanting to fully exploit the power of Oracle Database Technology.


On this Trip Graham and I will demonstrate some the old traditional performance techniques in new innovative ways as well introduce some the new challenges we are seeingcoming out of Real World Database Applications.


Q3:Mr. Holdsworth, I have learned about your Performance optimization philosophy,

(1)Exceptional performance has never been accidental

(2)Your system performance is what you "deserve"

(3)"Almost, good enough" has always been "a lot worse,not good enough", it is always necessary to pursuit of excellence.(please excuse me, for maybe it’s not exact words, pretty much the gist)

问题三:Mr. Holdsworth,我了解到您在做性能优化中所遵循的一些原则:

  • 良好的性能从来都不是偶然;
  • 你的系统性能是你期待它所成为的样子;
  • “差不多,够好了”其实就是“差很多,不够好”。追求卓越永远都是必须的。

Would you like to share more, how did you create and insist on this philosophy, and how does it make difference to your career?


Andrew :I guess I was taught at an early age it is better to do a few things really well rather than do a lot of things sub optimally. I apply this mindset to performance projects and life in generally. I really enjoy getting things right. I really love winning races in my boat!


Q4:The RWP team works on achieving the best performance of the systemin real world over these years. So based on your database performance tuningexperience, have you ever got stumped by any kind of problem, or a certain industry or system environment, does the performance tuning method differ fromeach industry?


Andrew :All performance problems are a challenge and require a certain amount of puzzle solving skills. However across all geographies and industries we do see similar mistakes that hurt system performance on a consistent basis. These common mistakes are the basis of most Real World performancework and yield orders of magnitude increases in performance when corrected. It is not uncommon to get 1000 times the performance by applying real world performance techniques.


The biggest challenges we face are actually human/political. When you show people they have designed a suboptimal system or have used the database incorrectly there is a lot of defensive behavior and resistance to change andnew ideas. This is the hardest problem to solve.

我们面临的最大的问题事实上是人的问题或者管理策略的问题,当我们向系统管理者展示他们设计的次优系统或者使用数据库不正确时,他们很抵触,也不愿意改变。 这是最难解决的问题。

Q5:In the two main kinds of database environment, OLTP and Datawarehouse, when you do optimization, do the basic strategy and tuning methodsbe any different and how?


Andrew : performance usually focuses on execution of millions of very short SQL statements. In this case the SQL, the development environment and connection strategy has the most impact on performance. However in DW we are looking at low execution count of long running, resource intensive SQL often in parallel. For the DW focus isagain on SQL, data design and ensuring we can recruit all the available HW tosolve the DW query challenges.

性能通常专注于执行数以百万计的非常短的SQL语句。 在这种情况下,S开发环境和连接策略对SQL性能的影响最大。 然而,在DW中,我们正在寻找执行较少、运行时间长的SQL,资源密集型SQL往往并行执行。 对于DW重点关注的SQL,数据设计和确保我们可以利用所有可用的硬件来解决DW查询面临的挑战。

You will notice they are verydifferent in terms of goals but have a common discipline SQL. The SQL needs to be appropriate, well optimized etc. In reality 95% of Real World Performance Engineers time is spent on SQL design, execution and optimization. This is where the most leverage to increase performance exists.

你会注意到这两种环境在优化目标上差别很大,但有一个共同点就是SQL。 SQL都需要被优化。在现实中,95%的真实世界性能工程师的时间花在SQL设计,执行和优化。 这是提高性能的关键所在。

Q6:During your 27 years of system performance tuning, there got besomething that is unforgettable, would you like to share some little storieswhich impressed you the most?


Andrew :I guess my first performance challenge which was an implicit data typeconversion problem is the most memorable for many reasons:

- It is possible to speed up systems by orders of magnitude !

- People are still making the same mistake today !

- I suspect they will be making the same mistake years after I have sailedaway from the database world!


- 可以加快系统的数量级!

- 人们今天仍然犯同样的错误!

- 我怀疑他们将在数据库世界航行之后,犯同样的错误几年!

Q7:People called the RWP, ‘A Genius Team’,you have made difference in the database especially the performance tuning area, meanwhile,you are giving speech, sharing new study all over the world, it’s so much more than just technology,so can you tell me what is the mission or belief of RWP, what makes you keep fighting and pursuit excellence?


Andrew :The goal is to demonstrate and educate our customers the true power andvalue of the the Oracle database technologies. I am very lucky I have avery talented team who share my passion for the subject and are relentless to find the next performance gain even after they made a system 1000 times faster,why not go for 10,000 times faster !

我们团队的目标是展示和分享Oracle数据库技术的真正力量和价值给我们的用户。 我很幸运,我有一个非常有才华的团队,他们能够跟我一起探索和进步,实现我的想法。当我们使性能提升1000倍的时候,我们会无情寻找下一个性能增益,为什么不去快一万倍!

Q8:With the development of the Big data and cloud computing, Mobile Internet scenes are being imported into traditional industries,which results in the integration and rectification of IT system. Does this phenomenon bring in any performance issues to IT system, and how to avoidor handle them?


Andrew :Many of these technologies are very real and fashionable at the same time. The challenge is to identify the best bits of new technologies andlearn to exploit them for an advantage and not deploy them because they are seen a cool and new. In reality 1st generation systems with new technologies usually fail to meet their expectations because the technology isso new and the operators are not fully aware of how to fully exploit them.

这些技术非常真实,也成为大趋势。 面临的挑战是确定最佳的新技术,并学习利用它们的优势,而不是部署它们。在现实中,具有新技术的第一代系统通常不能满足他们的期望,因为技术是新的,并且运营商不完全知道如何充分利用它们。

The 2nd generation of systems that learn from the mistakes of the 1stgeneration always yields a better system. The challenge we face is by thetime we reach a second generation there is a brand new technology that looks glamorous and, surprise, we see another 1st generation project that will make anew set of mistakes.

第二代系统从第一代的错误中学习总是产生一个更好的系统。 我们面临的挑战是,当我们到达第二代时,有一种全新的技术,会更加完美,容易被接受。但很多人并没有在这样的系统升级和更新中吸取更多的经验,当再次出现一个新的系统和技术的时候,还是面临同样的“第一代”问题。

In summary we face many dilemmas when to inject new technologies into aproject. Again many of the problems are human, political and perception basedand have nothing to do with writing good applications.

总之,我们在关于何时将新技术注入项目上总是很谨慎, 再次,许多问题是人,政治和感知为基础,与编写好的应用程序无关。

Q9:The oracle optimizer changes with the database version updating, so would you like to share some significant changes happens to oracle optimizer inoracle database 12c release 2, which you most concerned about, and how wouldthese changes influence the performance of database system?


Andrew :The Oracle Optimizer in 12.1 has had a difficult introduction. We incorporated a number of adaptive features into the 12.1 optimizer that have not been well understood by DBAs at upgrade time. As a result of feedbackfrom the customers, in later versions of 12.1 and 12.2 we have turned a few of these features off by default to smooth the upgrade process from 11.2 to 12.1to 12.2 . The Real World performance team has a recipe for this process which has been very successful around the world. I would recommend people follow this recipe very carefully.

12.1的优化器中有一些改进是不合理的。 我们在引入了许多自适应功能,在升级时DBA不能很好地理解和使用。 作为客户反馈的结果,在12.1和12.2的更高版本中,我们默认关闭了一些这些功能,以使升级过程从11.2平滑到12.1到12.2。RWP团队在进行性能优化的时候回有明确的原则和制度的,不断尝试和挑战,不怕失败,这才让我们能够真正站在真实的环境的考虑下做优化。

Q10:Do you have some suggestions for the database operation, about how to detect、recognize , prevent, process and optimize the performance issue?


Andrew :The key to making performance gains is to look for leverage to effect change of the performance characteristics. Unfortunately too many DBAs spend time tuning platform specific features rather than looking for algorithmic enhancements to the applications. Platform tuning is only likely to yield incremental gains rather than order of magnitude gains.

提高性能的关键是寻找影响性能特性变化的关键点。 不幸的是,太多的DBA花费时间调整平台特定的功能,而不是寻找应用程序的算法增强。 平台调整只能产生同一级别上是性能增益,而不会有根本性的改变。

We describe platform tuning as bottom up performance work where as Real World Performance techniques are top down or a holistic approach toperformance.


Q11:For all the Oracle database technology enthusiasts, some of them might watching this right now, we’d like to know more about RWP team, like how many people do you have, how often do you give speech in every continent you have been cooperation with, how do you manage your team, and something like that, if you would like to share.


Andrew :The Real World Performance Teamis truly a global team. Somewhere in the world at any point in time there is RWP engineer working on a problem. Likewise in any month there will be RWP training events in every continent taking place. A few months ago we had classes in Europe, USA and China all running at the same time.

RWP团队是一个真正的全球性团队。 几乎在世界的某个地方在任何时间点都有RWP工程师在处理问题。 同时,我们每个月都会在不同大陆举行RWP培训活动。 就在几个月前,我们在欧洲,美国和中国都有同时进行的课程。

The team is very small team and this helps keep the quality of the solutions to a high level. We are lucky we can be quite selective on the performance projects we engage in. We tend to keep away from projects that really have little motivation toachieve big performance gains.

RWP团队是非常小的团队,这有助于保持高水平的解决方案的质量。 我们很幸运,我们对要参与的绩效项目有很大的选择性。我们倾向于远离那些真正没有动力去实现巨大业绩增长的项目。

I think the most important thing about the team is our ability to share ideas no matter how crazy they may seem, laugh and have fun in our work. I have learnt if people are being challenged and having fun they tend to grow professionally and produce greatresults.

我认为团队最重要的是我们分享想法的能力,无论这些想法看起来多么疯狂,我们都会乐在其中。 如果人们能享受挑战所带来的乐趣,他们的专业技能增长会更快,并且能够在专注的方向上取得成就。

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