Centos 安装 neo4j

This is experimental and not considered safe for production. You have been warned.

Please note that this repo contains pre-release as well as release versions of Neo4j. To ensure that you get a release version you must specify an explicit version when installing.

First, you'll want our key:

cd /tmp
wget http://debian.neo4j.org/neotechnology.gpg.key
rpm --import neotechnology.gpg.key

Then, you'll want to add our yum repo to /etc/yum.repos.d/neo4j.repo:

cat <<EOF>  /etc/yum.repos.d/neo4j.repo
name=Neo4j Yum Repo

Finally, install a package

yum install neo4j-2.2.6


Run the following commands to download and import neotechnology's public gpg key into the rpm keyring

cd /tmp
wget http://debian.neo4j.org/neotechnology.gpg.key
sudo rpm --import neotechnology.gpg.key

Create the neo4j repo file using you editor of choice and add it to the yum repos definition directory. Add the following lines to the neo4j.repo file

[neo4j]  name=Neo4j Yum Repo  baseurl=http://yum.neo4j.org enabled=1  gpgcheck=1

nano neo4j.repo
sudo cp neo4j.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/

Finally run the command to install neo4j

sudo yum install neo4j

Here are some things to note with the install:

  • - An java jdk (openjdk) is installed and configured for you even if you already have one on the server.
  • - The neo4j binaries are installed to /usr/share/neo4j
  • - The neo4j properties files are installed to /etc/neo4j
  • - The default/initial database location is /var/lib/neo4j
  • - Neo4j is installed as a service in the stopped state. You can start it by running sudo service neo4j start. By default, the neo4j instance is only accessible viahttp://localhost:7474/. If you want to enable outside access, you need to uncomment the line in the neo4j-server.properties file: #org.neo4j.server.webserver.address= and restart the server.




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