(标*号的可选掌握,其他为必须掌握) 一、File management: ls                      - list file touch                   - create a null file/modify file timestamp cp/mv/rm/ln             - copy/rename/move/delete file, create link chmod/*chown/*chgrp     - change file permission/owner/group find                    - search file by name, size, permission, etc. file                    - display file type, text, binary, etc. cp/scp/*rcp             - copy/remote copy/secure copy mkdir/rmdir             - create/delete directory df/du                   - check disk space/directory space which                   - locate a command zip/unzip/*gzip/*gunzip/ - compress/decompress *tar                    - archive processing 二、File content processing: vi                      - word edit wc                      - word count tee                     - replicate the standard output more/less/pg            - page the file to display on the screen grep/*egrep/*cgrep      - filter specific lines from input diff/*sdiff/*vimdiff    - diff files head/tail               - print specific lines of input cat/split               - concatenate files/split a file *cut/paste              - cut specific fields/concatenate line by line *sort/uniq              - sort line by line/remove continuous unique lines *sed/awk                - stream editor/text processing 三、Process/Job management: top                     - list the processes that occupy most CPU jobs                    - list background jobs fg/bg                   - put a job to foreground/background ps                      - list the processes kill/pkill              - send signal to a process/processes *crontab                - schedule a task on time of day/day of week 四、Other commands: echo                    -   export                  - set the environmental variables telnet/ssh/*rlogin      - remote shell by telnet/rlogin/ssh ftp/sftp                - ftp/ftp over ssh sleep                   - wait for some time passwd                  - change password tcpdump                 - dump the message over eth *mailx                  - send mail *expect                 - a utility to automate interactive commands 五、flow control: for while if then else endif




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