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  • 人脸检测;
  • 面部对齐;
  • 面部识别和面部识别&面部验证和面部表征;
  • 面部(面部)属性&&面部(面部)分析;
  • 面部重建;
  • 面部跟踪;
  • 面对超级分辨率&&面对辩解&&面对幻觉;
  • 面部生成&&面部合成&&面部完成&&面部恢复;
  • 面部转移&&面部编辑&&面部交换;
  • 面对反欺骗;
  • 面部检索;
  • 数据集


  • [1] polarisZhao/awesome-face
  • [2] L706077/DNN-Face-Recognition-Papers
  • [3] ShownX/FacePaperCollection
  • [4] HansonSun/FaceRecognition-Papers
  • [5] shaoxiaohu/CVPR2016
  • [6] zhanglaplace/PaperPaper
  • [7] gdshen/paper_notes
  • [8] lcybuzz/Personal-Face-Related-Paper-Record
  • [9] betars/Face-Resources
  • [10] xuewengeophysics/Awesome-Face-Recognition
  • [11] Face Recognition Algorithms



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