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In CRM inbound processing, a change is performed on settype COM_LOCAT_ADDR for object 10326079,

Before real change is executed, there is a check performed against the latest data from ERP ( line 135, is_rel ) and the current data in CRM ( line 136 is_rel_old ):

The below screenshot is CRM data:

The below screenshot is ERP data:

Due to the check in line 52, there is an error message raised saying the data of this settype could only be changed in its original system DBQ/100.

I checked customizing in CRM through path SPRO->Customer Relationship Management->Master data->Products->Business addins->BAdI: allow changes to product data and do not find entry for settype COM_LOCAT_ADDR, so I wonder how you succeed to change its data since it is readonly in CRM?

If you add necessary entries in this customizing, there should be no more error message any more. The latest change in ERP will always come to CRM via initial load.

The reason why this settype COM_LOCAT_ADDR is handled in CRM

In CRM inbound processing there is a BAdI which calls FM below to scan if there is change on address in ERP by evaluating flag locat_addr-s_admin-task:

And for 10326079, the answer is yes since task field is marked as “U”:

So the FM will append settype COM_LOCAT_ADDR to internal table for changed settype.

Add according to my previous mail below, system has detected that there is already a change in CRM done on 2014-08-16 11:36:14, so it complains about this. The address change in ERP is included in MESSAGE_EXT-ADRC:




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