PUPU ALIENS噗噗星人在6月初已正式发布,我们顺势推出萌酷好玩的噗噗星人潮玩给粉丝们。让我们一起来打开噗噗星人潮玩的设计奥秘吧!文末会献上噗噗星人蛋生系列潮玩限量版福利,不要错过哦!

PUPU ALIENS have been official released in early June,following the trend ,we launch cool and funny PUPU ALIENS blind ball for pupu fans. Let's open up the design mystery of PUPU ALIENS. We will provide limited edition of PUPU ALIENS blind ball as a present at the end of the article,don't miss it!

1. 玩法构思 | Playing idea


PUPU ALIENS blind ball consist of toy and capsule toys .The interesting of PUPU ALIENS  blind ball  is that fans can have double surprise when they open the toy and capsule toys randomly. We applied the designed of  PUPU planet  on the egg ball , imply that PUPU ALIENS comes from PUPU planet.


Open the blind ball , PUPU ALIENS who is coo and cute turn up !

2.扭蛋球设定 | Egg ball 


The eggshells are divided into black and gold to add more surprises, the probability of random selection is 50%.

3.基础款设定 | Basic toy


PUPU is a lively group of space penguin, they are smart, quirky and like to living in groups. They have superpower and their bodies will turn into rainbow colors when they find a beautiful voice.


SUPER PUPU have superpower and their bodies will turn into rainbow colors when they find a beautiful voice.


DINOO is a dinosaur who has mood swings and great strength, he will spurt flame suddenly when he is in high spirits and will spurt ice when he is in low spirits.


CICI is a space chick who is keen on fashion and particularly interested in gold mine on planet, She will lay golden eggs once she absorbs gold mine.


EE is a golden egg who is petite, even he is small, he is as firm as a rock. He always follow CICI and lean close to her wherever he goes.


BOBO is a space globefish who can fly. When she is armed, her body will turn into thorn ball with purplish red which is extremely poisonous.

4.隐藏款设定 | Hidden toy


SUPER BOBO is the armed edition of BOBO .The reason we chose SUPER BOBO as hidden style is that it has less exposure than other characters, we hope it can give users more freshness,SUPER BOBO also has rich colors and thorns on its body which makes it more special.

5.尺寸比例 | Size 


Since egg shell should cover the toy and the secret bag, the size of the toy is in the range of 40mm-60mm, and blind ball was set to 70mm. Gold and black are the same size.


玩具尺寸:SUPER PUPU超级噗噗、PUPU噗噗、DINOO呆奴、CICI吸吸、EE依依、BOBO波波,SUPER BOBO超级波波的尺寸分别为:52mm、52mm、56mm、54mm、50mm、42mm、42mm。

There is a big difference in the original proportion of the PUPU ALIENS characters, we set toys sizes in the same range to ensure that fans get equal benefits from different characters. Different posture is related to the difference of volume, the size is set in the range of 40mm-60mm to ensure that they look the same size.

Toys size : the size of SUPER PUPU,PUPU,DINOO,CICI,EE,BOBO,SUPER BOBO is 52mm、52mm、56mm、54mm、50mm、42mm、42mm。

6. 贴纸卡片 | Card


Except cool and cute shape, the character card also is a sticker. It’s surface is made of light glue material, and it can be wrinkle proof and waterproof and can be pasted on your favorite clothes, notebook, refrigerator and suitcase!

包装设计是用户见到的第一面,能提高用户的期望值,并考虑是否购买。PUPU ALIENS盲盒是我们新角色家族的第一款玩具产品,我们在包装上清晰地展现PUPU ALIENS的独特身份,并把角色表达得简单明了。

Package design is the first thing to meet the users. It will raise expectation for users and they will consider buying it.

PUPU Aliens Blind Box is the first toy product of our new character family, PUPU Aliens. So we tried to clearly show PUPU Alien’s unique identity on the package design and expressed the characters as simple as it is.


As a blind box, unboxing it without knowing which toy will come out is a very important moment in the user's experience of using it. So we wanted to make the unboxing process more diverse and enjoyable.

1. 大盒子 | Big box


It’s a big box with the whole set and it’s the first package that users will meet before purchasing our toys.

Considering when the user purchases the entire set and then unboxing it, consistent design is applied to the inside of the box too so that the expectation can be raised.

2.  小盒子 | Small box


It’s a small box for each of the 6 toys. It can also be sold as each small individual box. We designed it with a slightly different illustration from the large box so that the users would not be bored in the process of unboxing the toy.

3.扭蛋球 |  Plastic ball 

PUPU ALIENS 盲盒有个很独特的部分,每个玩具都装在扭蛋球里,扭蛋球设计成PUPU脸蛋的形状,增加拆箱乐趣,使用户期望达到最高点。

This is an unique part of PUPU Aliens blind box toy. Each toys are all contained in this ball shaped capsule. The shape of the ball is designed in the shape of PUPU’s face. It adds the fun of unboxing the toy and make the user's expectation go peak.

4.密袋 | Plastic bag


This is a vinyl bag that covers the toy and it’s the last step before the user sees toy . At this step, some users try to figure out which toy it is by touching it or shaking it.


Throughout these 4 steps of unboxing the toy, users can enjoy the process of unboxing itself.

5.角色卡片 | Character card

把玩具拆出来会得到一张可爱的角色卡,上面显示每个角色的基本形状、颜色和名称,用户可以轻松识别和亲近PUPU Aliens的角色。

After unboxing the toy to the end, user gets a cute character card. It shows the basic shape, color, and name of each characters so the user can recognize easily and feel friendly about the PUPU Aliens characters.

1.套装组成 | Suit 


The whole set of PUPU AlLINES toy includes: toy, plastic ball, card, plastic bag, small box and big box.

2.工艺 | Craft  


We chose pvc and matte material to make the toy, and the plastic ball which has bright texture was adopted injection molding process.

3.打印色 | Print color 


Experience told us, different print machine caused different colors,we sent posters and color reference samples to factory in advance so that they can understand the color standard more intuitively.

1.概述 | Overview


The story of the animation continues that PUPU came from aliens previously. PUPU Aliens partners DINOO, CICI, BOBO, and EE are lost in different places on the earth, they express different reactions when they meet different situations.

2.设定与构思 | Setup & Ideation


As a group of aliens, there should be some characteristics. Firstly, we can see that their common characteristic is big which we get the impression from movie and television.

3.视频结构 | Video Structure 


The whole story shows PUPU Aliens unique personality by the main line that monsters fall from the sky and have various behaviors on the earth.

4.分镜 | Storyboard


The storyboard structure is divided into story and product display. We created mysterious atmosphere for the first part of the story and then shows PUPU Aliens true appearance that they are fierce but actually very cute, some of them are timid and full of artistic talent. The second part mainly introduces that PUPU Aliens is created by QQ STUDIOS and shows the unique package of PUPU Aliens .

5.视频制作 | Video production


The production is mainly divided into three stages: shooting, 3D animation, compositing, and montage.

拍摄视频素材 Shooting video material 


Generally, we chose scenes that are more relevant to the character at the earlier shooting stage. For example, CICI is a chicken from an alien planet, we chose a building with an egg-shaped that looks like a flying saucer to match it. PUPU likes music and can change colors, we chose an environment that can change with richer colors.

6.3D动画 | 3D ANIMATION 


Since the video is involved the combination of 3D and real scene, lighting should be considered, otherwise 3D materials and real shooting materials cannot match, so it is necessary to collect DHRI panorama as 3D lighting information in the early stage.


We designed the movement of characters based on their shape and weight. For example, super DINOO will be clumsy, swing left and right, and the ground will vibrate when he is walking, all these add the character’s pressure. Small EE walks flexibly but because his legs are not very long, he jumps and jumps.

7.合成 | Compositing


AOV layered rendering was conducted when 3D materials are output.

More flexibility can be had in compositing stage, such as motion blur, depth of field, reflection, shadow and so on, which can save a lot of repeated rendering time.


When making materials, adding some smoke and atmosphere can make digital assets integrate into the real shooting environment more easily.

8.剪辑 | Montage 


There are some crash sounds with capsule toys and ground when the product appears to users. In order to get closer to the sound effect of the real capsule toys, we record the collision of toy entities directly.


↓This product will be officially released on August 10, please scan the QR code below to purchase!


购买QTX VIP票,将获得售价234元的QTX超限定PUPU ALIENS蛋生系列扭蛋全套(6+1)100%金色蛋壳,每一盒礼品都包含QTX特供隐藏款—透明超级波波!



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