Codename One 4.0 发布,增加对 PWA 的支持

传统观点认为无法在Xcode里面用Java开发iOS应用,同理在Mac上也是不可能的。但是Codename One,它向传统观点发出了挑战,并向世人证明:在Geek的词典里,“不可能”和“迟早变成可能”是同义词。

Codename One 4.0 发布了,这个新版本彻底改变了Codename One的更新方式,增加了对Progressive Web Apps(PWA)的支持,大修了设备外观并更新了后端iOS构建工具。此版本的主要重点是更好地支持同行(本地)组件,稳定性,单元测试和持续集成。


  • Has Write Once Run Anywhere with no special hardware requirements and 100% code reuse
  • Compiles Java or Kotlin into native code for iOS, UWP (Universal Windows Platform), Android & even JavaScript
  • Is Open Source & Free for commercial use with an enterprise grade commercial support
  • Is Easy to use with 100% portable Drag & Drop GUI builder
  • Has Full access to underlying native OS capabilities using the native OS programming language (e.g. Objective-C) without compromising portability
  • Has full control over every pixel on the screen! Just override paint and draw or use a glass pane to draw anywhere…
  • Lets you use native widgets (views) and mix them with Codename One components within the same hierarchy (heavyweight/lightweight mixing)
  • Supports seamless Continuous Integration out of the box



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