Spring Cloud Finchley M9 发布,兼容 Spring Boot 2

Spring Cloud Finchley 的第 9 个里程碑版 M9 已发布。需注意的是,自上个 M8 版本开始,项目已与 Spring Boot 2 兼容,不过不兼容 Spring Boot 1.x.y 。本次主要更新内容如下:

Spring Cloud Gateway

Spring Cloud Netflix

  • Upgraded to Eureka 1.8.7 to address thread pool issue when Eureka health check is enabled

Spring Cloud Sleuth

  • Bug Fixes
  • Further Alignment With Brave
  • Fixed interop with Spring Cloud Gateway

Spring Cloud Contract

  • Added byte array for DSL
  • Better support for RestDocs parametrized names
  • Added exposure of multiple versions of the same artifact in the same test
  • Added verbose messages for collection assertions in the generated tests
  • Allows to keep unpacked stubs after the stubs got downloaded and test finished
  • Added new overview sections to documentation

Spring Cloud Commons

Spring Cloud Config

Spring Cloud Stream



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