PHP 开发框架 CakePHP 3.6.1 发布,改进 API 文档

CakePHP 3.6.1 已发布,这是 3.6 分支的最新维护版本,修复了几个社区报告的问题:

  • Improve deprecation warning message for controller properties.
  • Deprecation warning messages now include how to disable them.
  • Redirect loops created by AuthComponent for applications in subdirectories has been fixed.
  • SecurityComponent no longer rejects requests for applications in subdirectories.
  • Image URLs can now be data URIs.
  • Improved API documentation.
  • Added ServerRequest::getPath() as a better alternative for the deprecated url property.
  • Updated requirements in the sub-split packages.

CakePHP 是一个运用了诸如 ActiveRecord、Association Data Mapping、Front Controller 和 MVC 等著名设计模式的快速开发框架。该项目主要目标是提供一个可以让各种层次的 PHP 开发人员快速地开发出健壮的 Web 应用,而 又不失灵活性。 

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