Underscore.js 1.9.0 发布,JavaScript 实用功能库

Underscore.js 1.9.0 已发布,Underscore 是一个 JavaScript 工具库,提供了一整套函数式编程的实用功能,但是没有扩展任何 JavaScript 内置对象。


  • Adds the _.restArguments function for variadic function handling.
  • Adds the _.chunk function for chunking up an array.
  • Adds a _.isSymbol, _.isMap, _.isWeakMap, _.isSet and _.isWeakSet functions.
  • _.throttle and _.debounce return functions that now have a .cancel() method, which can be used to cancel any scheduled calls.
  • _.property now accepts arrays of keys and indexes as path specifiers, for looking up a deep properties of a value.
  • _.range now accepts negative ranges to generate descending arrays.
  • Adds support for several environments including: WebWorkers, browserify and ES6 imports.
  • The placeholder used for partial is now configurable by setting_.partial.placeholder.
  • _.bindAll now accepts arrays or arguments for keys.
  • Three years of performance improvements.


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