Review Board 3.0.7 发布:隐私增强和 bug 修复

Review Board 3.0.7 已发布,Review Board 是一款在线代码审查工具。该版本侧重于增强 Review Board 中的隐私选项和保护,改进默认值并为服务器添加可选的 GDPR 隐私设置。还有一些常见的错误修复。

Bug 修复

  • A handful of crashes when bad data is fed into the URLs for the dashboard and internal diff viewer URLs (usually caused by search bots)
  • Some more crashes when avatars aren't available when configuring users in review groups
  • Regressions when configuring bug trackers
  • Communication problems with newer versions of Gerrit
  • Bad error messages when failing to find files on local Git repositories

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