X.Org Server 1.20.1 发布,包含大量重要的 bug 修复

X.Org Server 1.20.1 现已发布,带来了诸多的错误修复。

X.Org Server 1.20.1 是一个非常重要的版本,用于解决 X.Org Server 1.20 的初始漏洞,该版本已经开发了一年多,并附带了大量的更改和新功能。X.Org Server 1.20.1 中的许多 bug 修复包括:

  • EGLStreams for XWayland patches, including the new -eglstream xserver option. 
  • XWayland now ensures DRI3 gets flipped on for GLAMOR
  • Various other XWayland fixes
  • Syncing the RadeonSI PCI IDs from Mesa. 
  • Various updates to the Meson build system support that was introduced in xorg-server 1.20. 
  • Support for passing a DRM file descriptor on the command-line via the new -masterfd option. 
  • Various updates from Keith Packard on his 1.20 leases work. 
  • Fixed 16-bit depth/bpp mode for the xf86-video-modesetting driver among many other modesetting driver fixes. 

官方表示,在该版本中,许多新功能现在已经稳定下来,可以通过刚更新的发布公告查看 X.Org Server 1.20.1 的完整变更列表。

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