MathJS 5.0.0 正式发布,Javascript 扩展数学库

MathJS 5.0.0 已发布,Math.js 是个 JavaScript 和 Node.js 的扩展数学库,包括了灵活的表达式解析器,提供数字,大数值,复杂数值,单位,矩阵等等集成的解决方案,强大又易于使用。


  • Implemented complex conjugate transpose math.ctranspose.
  • Changed the behavior of A' (transpose) in the expression parser to calculate the complex conjugate transpose. 
  • Added support for complex({abs: 1, arg: 1}), and improved the docs on complex numbers. 
  • Renamed eye to identity
  • Math.js code can now contain ES6. The ES6 source code is moved from lib to src, and lib now contains the compiled ES5 code.
  • Upgraded dependencies:
    • decimal.js from 9.0.1 to 10.0.1
    • Upgraded dev dependencies
  • Changed code style to, run linter on npm test. See #1110.
  • Dropped support for bower. Use npm or an other package manages instead.
  • Dropped support for (non-primitive) instances of NumberBoolean, and String from functions clone and typeof.
  • Dropped official support for IE9 (probably still works, but it's not tested).
  • Fixed #851: More consistent behavior of sqrt, nthRoot, and pow. 
  • Fixed #1103: Calling toTex on node that contains derivative causing an exception. 


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