Infinispan 9.3.0.Final 发布,升级服务器至 Wildfly 13

Infinispan 9.3.0.Final 已正式发布,这也是首个可同时使用 Java 8 和 Java 10 的 final 版本。值得注意的是,Infinispan 仍然只能在类路径模式下工作。


  • Transaction support Hot Rod. The java Hot Rod client can participate in Java transactions via Synchronization or XA enlistment. Note that recovery isn't supported yet.
  • Caches can now configure the maximum number of attempts to start a CacheWriter/CacheLoader on startup before cache creation fails.
  • Write-behind stores are now fault-tolerant by default.
  • Segmented On Heap Data Container. It improves performance of stream operations.
  • Server upgraded to Wildfly 13.
  • We have introduced several WildFly feature packs to make it easier for Infinispan to be utilised on WildFly instances via the Server Provisioning Plugin. The following feature packs have been created, most notably:
    • This is equivalent to the
    • The same as above but with query capabilities
    • The modules required for embedded instances of Infinispan
    • All of the modules required to connect to a hotrod server via the client
    • infinispan-feature-pack-client
    • infinispan-feature-pack-embedded
    • infinispan-feature-pack-embedded-query
    • infinispan-feature-pack-wf-modules
  • Hibernate second-level cache provider works with Hibernate ORM 5.3.
  • The Hot Rod Server allows now to use multiple protocols with a Single Port. The initial version supports HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and Hot Rod. Switching protocols can be done using TLS/ALPN and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade header.
  • Admin console - improved all editors (schema, scripts, JSON data) to include syntax highlighting.
  • Several enhancements in the Java Hot Rod client allowing to read and write data in different formats such as JSON, for cache operations and deployed filters/converters.
  • Cluster wide max idle expiration.
  • Component Upgrades
    • Hibernate Search 5.10
    • Hibernate ORM 5.3
  • Numerous bug fixes which improve stability

可以看到,现已支持在 Hot Rod 中进行扩展事务,但尚未支持事务恢复;而两级缓存现在可以与 Hibernate ORM 5.3 一起搭配使用;服务器现在允许使用单个端口的多个协议,最初的版本支持 HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 和 Hot Rod。


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Infinispan 是一个开源的数据网格平台。它公开了一个简单的数据结构(一个 Cache)来存储对象。虽然可以在本地模式下运行 Infinspan,但其真正的价值在于分布式,在这种模式下,Infinispan 可以将集群缓存起来并公开大容量的堆内存。这可比简单的复制强大的多,因为它会为每个结点分配固定数量的副本 —— 服务器故障的一种恢复手段 —— 同时还提升了可伸缩性,这是由于存储每个结点所需的工作量是与集群大小息息相关的。

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