Android Studio 3.3 Canary 发布,包含重要的 bug 修复

Android Studio 3.3 Canary 已发布。该版本带来了不少的新特性,还修复了一些重要的 bug,例如在打包 APK 时,Gradle 会消耗大量内存,从而导致出现 Java 堆栈溢出的错误。


  • The flag for disabling incremental dexing (useDexArchive) has been removed.
  • Android Studio 3.2 gave warnings when it found differences in versions between runtime and compile classpaths. Android Studio 3.3 reports these differences as errors.
  • Android Studio 3.3 Canary 1 includes Kotlin 1.2.50. The ability to update the Kotlin plugin in Android Studio is temporarily disabled; this is to prevent the installation of incompatible plugins while we resolve some issues.
  • The new getRawAndroidResources() method in the Gradle build API returns a file collection containing all resources for the variant. This method has been added primarily as a step toward migrating the Kotlin Android Extensions plugin to this API so that it will no longer need to use the MergeResources task. This new method is in incubation, meaning that it may be changed or removed without notice.
  • The new applicationIdTextResource method in the Gradle build API returns the application ID of a variant. For feature variants, this returns the resolved application ID from the application; for application variants, this method behaves the same as getApplicationId().
  • The Gradle signingReport task now also returns an SHA-256 hash.
  • The SDK Manager now reports the size of files downloaded during the update process.

已修复的 bug

  • Gradle was consuming large amounts of memory, leading to Java heap space errors, when packaging APKs.
  • Some JAR files could not be opened for the reading of their class files for dexing. This has been fixed by switching to a new ZIP file decoder.
  • Processing module-info.class during desugaring analysis caused failures with the message java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Type without superclass: module-info. This file is now filtered out during desugaring analysis.
  • The Force HTTP setting in the Android Studio SDK updater was not working.
  • The SDK Manager command-line argument --package_file was not working.
  • Android Studio did not use the ANDROID_SDK_ROOT environment variable when installing the Android SDK.
  • The Android test plugin ignored the Gradle command-line parameters to select which tests to run.


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