Mind got blown when i realized you animated these rick and morty shots, amazing work :D !! I know this could be flash but it really doesn't look like it, is it really flash ? Also if it is what the hell how are your brushe strokes so clean and precise ?! (I also talk here about the latest fight scene you published)

当我意识到你给瑞克和莫蒂的这些照片赋予动画效果时,我大吃一惊:D !!我知道这可能是flash,但它真的不像,真的是flash吗?如果这是地狱,你的瘀伤是怎么这么干净和精确的?!(我也谈到了你最近发表的战斗场面)

Yes, it was flash. I think flash brush has a pretty different feel from raster brushes, I can’t put my finger on how exactly either haha.

If you draw in it long enough you’ll definitely get used to it and make lines you want to make. I put my smoothing on 0-15 so the smoothing function doesn’t fuck with my lines and it helps immensely with precision, although it gains this fuzz that makes each line really rough and not smooth (if you zoom in or color it) as well as significantly more taxing on the fla. than per say a 50 smoothing line because of additional vector data on each line not being smoothed out by the function.

I actually think I draw most accurately with flash brush now than raster brushes now cause I’ve drawn in it so frequently.




Hey thanks a lot for that previous answer that's nice of you :) ! Boring question (sorry) but so does that mean that Krita was used at 1:53 in the Rick&Morty video ? If it's flash how the hell did you guys do this ?

谢谢你之前的回答,你真是太好了!很无聊的问题(不好意思)但是这是否意味着Krita在Rick&Morty视频中使用的时间是1:53 ?如果是闪电你们怎么这么做的?

Oh! That cut was not handled by me, it was done by:

(She’s also making a webcomic that’s really sick, btw)

I don’t know what program she used to animate it so you’ll have to ask her. Either way it was a really dope sequence!





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