Gradle 4.9 RC2 发布,项目自动化构建工具

Gradle 4.9 RC2 已发布。更新内容如下:

  • #5925 Resolution result ordering is non-deterministic in the presence of capability conflicts
  • #5909 Ignore dependency locking during build dependency resolution phase
  • #5856 Emit build operations for early executed artifact transforms
  • #5876 Console sometimes shows WAITING as the build status just prior to starting task execution
  • #5871 Composite builds Kotlin DSL sample hangs with 4.9-rc-1
  • #5848 NPE during incremental annotations processing with error-prone plugin
  • #5882 Cannot inject a RepositoryResourceAccessor for flatdir repositories
  • #5853 Allow ProjectBuilder tests when classpath contains relative paths


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