TestCafe 0.20.5 发布,自动化端到端 Web 测试工具

TestCafe 0.20.5 已发布,这是一个 bug 修复版本,包含以下更新内容:

  • The buttons property was added to the MouseEvent instance (#2056)
  • Response headers were converted to lowercase (#2534)
  • Updated flow definitions (#2053)
  • An AttributesWrapper instance is now updated when the the element's property specifies the disabled attribute (#2539)
  • TestCafe no longer hangs when it redirects from a tested page to the 'about:error' page with a hash (#2371)
  • TestCafe now reports a warning for a mocked request if CORS validation failed (#2482)
  • Prevented situations when a request logger tries to stringify a body that is not logged (#2555)
  • The Selector API now reports NaN instead of integer when type validation fails (#2470)
  • Enabled noImplicitAny and disabled skipLibCheck in the TypeScript compiler (#2497)
  • Pages with rel=prefetch links no longer hang during test execution (#2528)
  • Fixed the TypeError: this.res.setHeader is not a function error in Firefox (#2438)
  • The formtarget attribute was overridden (testcafe-hammerhead/#1513)
  • fetch.toString() now equals function fetch() { [native code] } (testcafe-hammerhead/#1662)

TestCafe 是一个用于测试 Web 应用的纯 Node.js 端到端解决方案。它负责所有阶段:启动浏览器、运行测试、收集测试结果和生成报告。TestCafe 不需要浏览器插件,它在所有流行的现代浏览器开箱即用。


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