SparkyLinux 5.5 开发版发布,基于 Debian 的测试分支

SparkyLinux 5.5 开发版已发布,这是一个基于 Debian GNU/Linux 测试分支的发行版,维护着多个分支和版本。SparkyLinux 是轻量级的、快速的、简单的 Linux 发行版,它被设计为既适合老旧的也适合新式的计算机,并以定制的 Enlightenment 和 LXDE 桌面为特色。

新版本包括来自 Debian 测试分支的更新、支持 Timeshift 功能、改进的文件系统 —— 支持 Btrfs 和 XFS。

  • system update from Debian testing repos as of July 26, 2018
  • Linux kernel 4.17.8 (4.17.10-sparky is available in Sparky “unstable” repo)
  • older Linux kernel 4.16.12 is available from live media as well, which can be used in a case of any problem with the newest one
  • added support of btrfs & xfs file systems in Advanced Installer – installation on btrfs installs the system in subvolumes: @ and @home; choosing a separate partition for home makes the @home subvolume as well; it lets you make a snapshot of your system partitions via the btrfs utility or via TimeShift appliacation and lets you recovery them later
  • added new tool: TimeShift
  • added new, own tool: DEBiTool, which replaced GDebi and can be used for installing deb packages from a local drive
  • improved configuration of removing live packages in Advanced Installer; sudo package is not removed now if you install Sparky using minimalcli iso image

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