Android Studio 3.3 Canary 4 发布,引入新特性

Android Studio 3.3 Canary 4 已发布,下载地址 >>>

该版本引入了一些新功能,也针对一些行为进行了修改,并修复了部分 bug。


  • SliceProvider 模板已更新
  • bundle Gradle 任务现在可以生成通用 APK
  • 导航编辑器现在按字母顺序对下拉列表中的属性进行排序
  • 在 IDE 中提供了快速反馈功能
  • ……

Bug 修复

  • Data binding was causing issues with caching task outputs.
  • MergeSourceSetFolders was using the worker API regardless of the flag that was set.
  • The Fabric plugin couldn't easily access a project mapping file.
  • Adding MultiDexApplication as an application name was broken when using AndroidX.
  • Building bundles with R8 enabled was causing crashes.
  • CMake server mode was causing issues with C++ code completion.
  • Some folders weren't properly marked as non-source folders, causing some issues.
  • JNI_OnLoad and JNI_OnUnload now show quick fixes if parameter or return types are incorrect.
  • Documentation preview wasn't properly handling certain types of content.
  • Fractional HiDPI wasn't working properly on Windows machines.
  • Layout editor was improperly displaying small fonts on HiDPI monitors.
  • In some cases, the Navigation Editor wasn't recognizing NavHosts.
  • The API Version Distribution chart was out of date.
  • Using analyzeProjectStructure on a large project was resulting in an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • Device File Explorer files was saving files to a set location. This is now configurable.
  • The Force HTTP setting in the Android Studio SDK updater was being ignored.
  • The Android Studio SDK updater was prohibiting proxy caching.

有关 Android Studio 早期版本中的新功能和更改的信息,请参阅 Android Studio Preview 发布说明

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