DBeaver 数据库管理工具社区版 5.2 已正式发布



DBeaver 是一个通用的数据库管理工具(通用 SQL 客户端工具),支持 MySQL、PostgreSQL、Oracle、DB2、MSSQL、Sybase、Mimer、HSQLDB、Derby等数据库。


New connection wizard was significantly simplified

Database navigator now loads long table lists by segments (configurable)

Problem with data transfer wizard and connection wizard auto-resize was fixed

Long LOB values editor fix

New version check dialog can be suppressed for a particular version

ERD: show table/constraint comments

CockroachDB extension was added

Elasticsearch: driver version updated to 6.4

SQLite: custom unique key editor was fixed

Vertica: SELECT INTO limit problem was fixed

H2: schema browser was fixed

MSSQL and Generic driver: support filters for procedures/packages

Misc minor UI problems were fixed

Results viewer:

Show error when cell value can’t be read from a database (instead of NULL)

Plaintext renderer was fixed (NULL values render)

Actions enable/disable state was fixed

Export to Excel now respects filters and orderings

Mock data:

Wizard was fixed (error with missing native client)

Batch size configuration was added

UUID data type support was added

String generator was fixed

CSV import:

Column mappings were fixed

Support literal for NULL mark

SQL editor:

Problem with procedures/views editor cursor reset on save was fixed

SQL formatter was fixed (spaces after brackets)

Completion of fully-qualified names was fixed

Error position highlight was improved


Active database switch was fixed

Native client selector was fixed. Binaries were upgraded to PG 10.5 version.

Improved support of PostgreSQL 7.x and 8.x

Allow to select directory in restore wizard


Problem with zeroDatetimeBehavior property was fixed

Duration data type support


Native Redshift table DDL generator was added

Driver version update to 1.2.16 (now use Maven artifact)

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