DBeaver 社区版 5.1.4 发布,数据库管理工具

DBeaver 社区版 5.1.4 已发布,下载地址 >>> https://dbeaver.io/download

更新内容主要是修复了一些 bug,以及 UI 方面的改进。

从该版本起,DBeaver 已迁移到 Eclipse 4.8 平台。除了其他改进之外,这还修复了 macOS 和 Linux 上的一些旧的 UI 错误。


  • Data viewer:
    • Foreign keys/references navigation was improved
    • Unique key detection was changed (ROWID is used only if no natural key was found)
    • String filter editor was fixed
  • Full-text search history navigation was fixed
  • SQL formatter was fixed/improved
  • ERD: self-referencing tables rendering was fixed
  • Error dialog was enhanced (scrollable text for all errors, default focus is on Ok button)
  • Database navigator double-click behavior was extended (open new editor)
  • Database driver search was improved (search in descriptions)
  • Snowflake connection configuration UI was added in CE
  • Elastic Search driver configuration was added
  • AWS Athena driver configuration was added
  • Exasol extension now relies on v6 driver
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Multiple databases filter was fixed
    • Active database detection was fixed
    • Function list reading was fixed for PG < 8.4
    • Foreign server user mapping was added (thanks to @johnatanDM)
    • Permission editor UI was fixed
    • Many minor UI fixes
  • MariaDB/Galera: users editor was improved
  • MySQL/MariaDB: view creation was fixed
  • Oracle:
    • DATE data type support was fixed
    • Table statistics/storage information was added
    • Synonyms support was added in metadata extraction
    • Extra columns were added to Explain Plan nodes
    • Multiline editor for table/column comments
  • Firebird: sequences and triggers reading was fixed for older FB versions
  • Phoenix: metadata reading bug was fixed (databases with single schema)
  • Shortcuts with Ctrl+Alt were changed on Ctrl+Shift
  • DBeaver was migrated to Eclipse 4.8 platform. Besides other improvements this fixes a few old UI bugs on MacOS and Linux.
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