What affects the price of a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are volatile by nature. Bitcoin is the oldest coin on the market, and it has only been around since 2009. There are number of things that can affect cryptocurrency.

Regulation: If a government makes a statement or pushes for a particular regulation that affects cryptocurrencies, the market dips. When China banned ICOs, the price of Ethereum fell by 41% in 15 days (from$386.83/ETH to $228.06).

Media influence: Just like government regulation, media exposure greatly affects a cryptocurrency price. Whenever a public figure makes a statement regarding cryptocurrencies or a major retailer starts accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, you will see the market respond.

Changes to the technology: When a cryptocurrency core technology is affected, the cryptocurrency price is also affected.

Bitcoin is extremely volatile and same with altcoins. So, feed your brain with our tips to grow your investment.

1、Say No to pumps and Dumps

Never! Never participate in pumps and dumps. This is one of the quick and easiest way to lose all your money. Generally, investors with huge amount of BTC (known as whales) participate in these pumps and they tend to dump all their coins on us. So bad right? Say No to pumps and dumps.

解读:永远不要参与pumps and dumps。

小知识:Pump and Dump是一个古老的计划,它可以迅速提高一项毫无价值的资产的价值,然后出售它以从价格上涨中获利。Pump and Dump虽然非法,但在区块链技术、加密货币和数字资产的世界中非常受欢迎。

Pump and Dump是非法的,甚至被CFTC认定为欺诈。在大多数受监管的市场,比如伦敦证券交易所(London Stock Exchange)和纽约证券交易所(New York Stock Exchange),它们也是非法的。CTFC甚至还提供了10- 30%的悬赏给pump and dump的告密者,只要他们能帮助CTFC实行不低于100万美元的货币制裁。

然而,在加密货币交易中,Pump and Dump并不是非法的。加密货币交易不受监管;立法机构中没有关于加密货币交易的条款。所以即使Pump and Dump是不道德的,它也不是完全非法的。

2、Look for promising Initial Coin Offerings

While investing or planning to invest in ICO’s you need to look at the project where you are putting your money and trust. The main and foremost thing to look at is their Whitepaper. There are lot of ICO’s which started and then made a huge decline from their ICO price value. So always invest in promising ICO’s with great team and mentors on board.



3、Look for upcoming NEWS and announcements

News is always the important element for a sudden price increase in altcoins. So if you want to invest in any currency look at their future milestones and invest in promising one’s. You do make a lot of money.


4、Fear Uncertainty Doubt(FUD) NEWS

This is the most familiar name in crypto world. There are lot of incidents that if there is a FUD news in any of the currencies or blockchain technology as a whole, there is a high probability that you will see a decline in the prices of bitcoins and other altcoins. If you come across any FUD news you need to sell your BTC to your Fiat currencies and again enter the market at dips.



5、Correlation between altcoins and bitcoin price

If there is a decrease or increase in the price of bitcoin. The general pattern is that all the ALTCOINS will dip from the current price until bitcoin stabilizes. So, if you see bitcoin price to be decreasing or increasing suddenly then always sell your altcoins and convert it into BTC.

解读: altcoins and bitcoin的关系,sell your altcoins and convert it into BTC。


It’s just free coins for you. Whenever a team announces free airdrops to its token holders then there is a high probability to see a price increase of that coin. So, if you find news on Airdrops just jump in at the coin at dip and sell at heights. It’s so easy right.


小知识: 空投(airdrop)是一种数字货币的派发方式,我们知道比特币派发本质上只有一种,那就是挖矿。但是后来在出现的山寨币、分叉币的派发方式,却不只挖矿一种,比如还有空投派发。



一般山寨币里会有一些会采用空投的方式发币,比如XNN、BTX、Stellar、OmiseGo、 Byteball Bytes等等。



7、Never put all eggs in one basket

Always have a portfolio of coins for long and short-term investments. This is always important in the crypto world. Never put all in your money in one egg. NEVER do that. Have a portfolio tracker for your investment. PLEASE keep this in mind.


8、Join telegram groups

Join telegram groups for signals and upcoming news on cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the best groups to follow:




解读:最好的几个telegram groups。

9、Automated bot trading

The human mind can only follow several indicators at a given time. A Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) bot can follow and try all the indicators at any time on all the crypto coins. A Bitcoin bot doesn’t need sleep — a bot can be active at any time you wish. This allows you to have a better sound sleep, because you can be sure that the bot will trade if something crucial happens.



10、Always set Achievable goals

Digital currency is not a scheme when you get rich in seconds. You can set the goals too big if you are a millionaire, for the others set realistic goals like 5%, 10%, 20% and so on and stick to it.


11、Don’t Panic and sell at the bottom

Take the time and sit back. Research the most popular companies in the industry and study what’s going on in the market. Don’t make snap decisions.

解读:花时间去研究行业内最受欢迎的公司并研究市场上发生的事情。 不要鲁莽的做出决定。


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