Papers & Archives

  • Graphics Conference Paper Link Archive (Ke-Sen Huang)
  • Reproducible Research archive (image processing, vision, machine learning) (Xin Li)

Mesh Libraries and Tools

  • Surface_Mesh (D. Sieger, M. Botsch)
  • GTS (2D dynamic/constrained Delaunay triangulation, robust geometric predicates, mesh boolean set operations, refinement/coarsening, view-independent continuous LOD, view-dependent LOD, AABB-trees, Kd-trees, graph partitioning, isosurfacing, area, volume, mean/gaussian/principal curvature, stripification)
  • trimesh2 mesh library (read PLY/OFF/3DS/OBJ, write PLY/OFF/OBJ, subdivision, smoothing, curvature estimation, triangle stripping, ICP, cleanup, decimation, basic shapes) (S. Rusinkiewicz)
  • OpenMesh (PLY/OBJ, halfedge mesh, decimation, Loop/Sqrt3 subdivision, view-dependent progressive meshes, stripification) (J. Möbius, M. Habbecke)
  • CGAL (2D/3D halfedge mesh, tet meshes) [full packages list] (Authors)
  • MeshLab (import PLY/STL/OFF/OBJ/3DS/COLLADA/PTX/V3D/PTS/APTS/XYZ/GTS/TRI/ASC/X3D/X3DV/VRML/ALN, export PLY/STL/OFF/OBJ/3DS/COLLADA/VRML/DXF/GTS/U3D/IDTF/X3D, selection/smoothing painting, linear measurements, export planar slices, mesh decimation/repair/optimization, mesh alignment) [All Filters] (Authors)
  • OpenFlipper (import/export OFF/OBJ/PLY/STL/STLA/STLB/OM, selection tools w/ surface/volume lasso and sphere brush, decimation, smoothing, edge/face editing) (J. Möbius)
  • mview (read/view PMesh/GTS/OFF/COFF/PLY/VRML/Shallo/VTK ASCII POLYDATA/OBJ) (H. Cantzler, T. Breckon)
  • PLY Tools (read/write PLY)
  • ply2vri (convert PLY mesh to signed-distance volumetric grid, VRI/PPM formats) (B.Allen)
  • JMeshLib (read/write OFF/PLY/STL/VRML1/VRML2/OBJ/IV 2.1) (M. Attene)
  • ReMESH (automatic manifold repair, isolated component removal, hole filling, handle removal, degenerate triangle removal, sharp feature recovery, defect detection and hilighting, manual repair tools) (M. Attenne)
  • GPUmesh - Easy Cross-Plateform Cross-API Mesh Management for GPUs (S. Lefebvre)
  • A48: A Dynamic Adaptive Mesh Library based on Stellar Operators (L. Velho)
  • Volumetric Mesh: tetrahedral and cube volumetric 3D meshes (J. Barbic)
  • 3d-workspace (quadric mesh simplification, re-meshing, recursive/monte-carlo/sphere-packing/voxel sampling, skeleton extraction, Laplacian/scale-dependent/mean-curvature-flow smoothing, Sqrt3/Loop/modified-butterfly/longest-edge subdivision, minimum bounding box, mean value coordinates, Green coordinates, curvature (polynomial fitting, two other implementations), FFD, voxel deformation, skinning with dual quaternions, mesh voxelization, octree, kd-tree, colormap, mesh slicing) (Authors)
  • SimplexMesh: general non-manifold, non-regular simplicial mesh for mixed dimensions \leq 3 (C. Batty)

Shape Modeling

  • CGAL Subdivision Demo (Sqrt3, Quad-Triangle, Catmull-Clark, Doo-Sabin) (L.-J. Shiue, P. Alliez, R. Ursu, L. Kettner)
  • interactive mesh deformation (S. Yoshizawa)
  • manifold harmonics shape deformation (B. Vallet, B. Lévy)
  • Graphite (Catmull-Clark subdivision) (Authors)
  • MeshLab(loop/butterfly/midpoint subdivision) (Authors)
  • 3D Model Synthesis from examples (P. Merrell)
  • ShapeShop: sketch-based hierarchical implicit surface ("BlobTree") modeling (and SurfaceTree) (R. Schmidt, B. Wyvill, K. Singh)
  • Real-time implicit surface polygonizer (R. Schmidt)
  • As-rigid-as-possible 2D shape manipulation (R. Schmidt)
  • Similarity-Based Surface Modelling (S. Zelinka)
  • Mesh Modelling Using Curve Analogies (S. Zelinka)
  • 2D laplacian curve editing (O. Sorkine)
  • Convolution Surfaces for Line Skeletons with Polynomial Weight Distributions (X. Jin, J. Feng, Q. Peng, C-L. Tai)
  • CARVE robust boolean operations between arbitrary polygonal models (T. Sargeant)
  • GeoBrush: Interactive Mesh Geometry Cloning (discrete expmap, 3D Green coordinates deformation, GPU Poisson solver) (K. Takayama, R. Schmidt, K. Singh, T. Igarashi, T. Boubeker, O. Sorkine)
  • MeshFlow: Interactive Visualization of Mesh Construction Sequences (J. Denning, W. Kerr, F. Pellacini)
  • 3D Modeling with Silhouettes (A. Rivers, F. Durand, T. Igarashi)
  • Apparent Layer Operations for the Manipulation of Deformable Objects (T. Igarashi, J. Mitani)
  • Mesh Snapping: Robust Interactive Mesh Cutting Using Fast Geodesic Curvature Flow (J. Zhang, C. Wu, J. Cai, J. Zheng, X-C. Tai)
  • Mixed Finite Elements for Variational Surface Modeling (A. Jacobson, E. Tosun, O. Sorkine, D. Zorin)
  • Bounded Biharmonc Weights for Real-Time Deformation (A. Jacobson, I. Baran, J. Popović, O. Sorkine)
  • DT-Grid: data structure for high-resolution level sets (open and closed surfaces, dilation, CSG, texture coordinates, conversion from OBJ/PLY, to PLY) (M. Nielsen, K. Museth)
  • Shape Space Exploration of Constrained Meshes (Y-L. Yang, Y.-J. Yang, H. Pottmann, N. Mitra)
  • Slices: A Shape-proxy Based on Planar Sections (J. McCrae, K. Singh, N. Mitra)
  • GlobFit: Consistently Fitting Primitives by Discovering Global Relations (data) (Y. Li, X. Wu, Y. Chrysanthou, A. Sharf, D. Cohen-Or, N. Mitra)
  • Detail-Replicating Shape Stretching (Implicit mesh fairing using curvature flow, patch-based texture synthesis, octree with ray tracing, bézier splines) (I. Alhashim)
  • Volumetric Modeling with Diffusion Surfaces (K. Takayama, O. Sorkine, A. Nealen, T. Igarashi)
  • Metropolis Procedural Modeling (J. Talton, Y. Lou, S. Lesser, J. Duke, R. Mech, V. Koltun)
  • siteplan: rapid architectural prototyping using procedural extrusions (T. Kelly, P. Wonka)
  • mesh-talent (gauss-newton solver, (unknown) graph-based mesh deformation) (Authors)
  • Smooth Shape-Aware Functions with Controlled Extrema (A. Jacobson, T. Weinkauf, O. Sorkine)
  • SESAME: Sketch, Extrude, Sculpt and Manipulate Easily (J. Y. Oh)
  • Virtual LEGO (J. Y. Oh)
  • Easy Mesh Cutting (Z. Ji, L. Liu, Z. Chen, G. Wang)
  • sculpt: simple level set sculpting program (multi-resolution point splatting) (R. Bridson)


  • efpisoft: hierarchical mesh segmentation based on fitting primitives (M. Attene)
  • mesh segmentation benchmark database and viewer (X. Chen, A. Golovinskiy, T. Funkhouser)
  • Graphite (variational shape approximation, image vectorization) [documentation wiki] (Authors)
  • SegMatch: Shape Segmentation and Shape Matching from Point Cloud (T. Dey, S. Goswami)
  • ShapeAnnotator segmentation tool (fitting primitives, barycentric/height/integral geodesic Morse, Plumber, Lloyd clustering) (Authors)
  • Shape Diameter Function (SDF) segmentation tool (L. Shapira)


  • fast stretch-minimizing parameterization (includes shape-preserving/Tutte/harmonic parameterization, and natural conformal parameterization ) (S. Yoshizawa)
  • Graphite (ABF, ABF++, DPBF, LSCM, HLSCM, Barycentric, mean-value coordinates, L2 stretch, spectral conformal, Periodic Global Parameterization, Constrained texture mapping, texture atlas generation) [documentation wiki] (Authors)
  • CGAL (LSCM, discrete conformal/authalic, Floater mean-value, Tutte barycentric) [full packages list] (Authors)
  • linear discrete conformal parameterization (K. Crane)
  • Discrete Exponential Map Demo (R. Schmidt)
  • Local/Global Approach to Mesh Parameterization (ARAP, ASAP) (L. Liu, L. Zhang, Y. Xu, G. Gotsman, S. Gortler)

Mesh Processing

  • mesh smoothing/denoising by averaging with similarity-based weights (S. Yoshizawa)
  • estimating curvature tensors on triangle meshes with CGAL (P. Alliez)
  • Graphite (mesh curvature, uniform remeshing, mesh repair, volume meshing, manifold harmonics, appearance-preserving simplification, normal mapping) [documentation wiki] (Authors)
  • CGAL (mesh simplification, mesh ridges/umbilics, mesh curvature)[full packages list] (Authors)
  • MeshLab (discrete curvature, monte-carlo/stratified/poisson-disk mesh sampling, Hausdorff distance between meshes, uniform remeshing, voronoi vertex clustering, laplacian/Taubin smoothing, mesh unsharp mask, geodesic distances) [All Filters] (Authors)
  • Simplification Envelopes generate mesh level-of-detail hierarchies (J. Cohen, A. Varshney, G. Turk)
  • Volfill fill holes in mesh using volumetric diffusion (S. Marschner, K. Berglund)
  • trimeshinfo: compute mesh properties (manifold, genus, orientation, volume, self-intersection, boundaries, connected components, ...) (Authors)
  • Discrete Laplace Operator on Meshed Surfaces(J. Sun, M. Belkin, Y. Wang)
  • QualMesh: Delaunay meshing of surfaces and volumes (T. Dey, T. Ray)
  • DelIso: delaunay meshing of isosurfaces (T. Dey, J. Levine)
  • SurfRemesh: Delaunay Remeshing of Polygonal Surfaces (T. Dey, T. Ray)
  • DelPSC: delaunay mesh generation for surfaces, volumes and complexes (T. Dey, J. Levine)
  • TriMesh2MT: convert polygon mesh to Multi-Triangulation (M. Attenne, E. Danovaro, P. Magillo)
  • approximating gradients on meshes and point coulds via diffusion metric (C. Luo, I. Safa, Y. Wang)
  • geodesic: multiple source/target exact geodesic algorithm for triangular mesh (unknown)
  • IsoEx: Feature Sensitive Mesh Extraction (L. Kobbelt, M. Botsch, Schwanecke, H.P. Seidel)
  • discrete connections and smooth vector fields on triangle meshes (K. Crane, M. Desbrun, P. Schroder)
  • Scape terrain simplification (M. Garland)
  • Terra terrain simplification (M. Garland)
  • QSlim mesh simplification software (M. Garland)
  • Permission Grid mesh simplification (S. Zelinka)
  • Topology-based Smoothing of 2D Scalar Fields with C1-Continuity [Page] (T. Weinkauf, Y. Gingold, O. Sorkine)
  • HanTun: computing handle and tunnel loops in 3D models (T. Dey, K. Li)
  • Non-Iterative, Feature-Preserving Mesh Smoothing (also [Page]) (T. Jones)
  • Efficient Implementation of Marching Cubes’ Cases with Topological Guarantees (T. Lewiner, H. Lopes, A. Viera, G. Tavares)
  • Direct Spherical Harmonic Transform of a Triangulated Mesh (M. Mousa, R. Chaine, S. Akkouche)
  • Normalizing for Anisotropy in Triangle Models (M. Kazhdan)
  • Symmetry Descriptors and 3D Shape Matching (M. Kazhdan)
  • Unconstrained Isosurface Extraction on Arbitrary Octrees (M. Kazhdan)
  • Fast Mean-Curvature Flow via Finite-Elements Tracking (M. Kazhdan)
  • Interactive and Anisotropic Geometry Processing Using the Screened Poisson Equation (M. Kazhdan)
  • Blended Intrinsic Maps (V. Kim, Y. Lipman, T. Funkhouser)
  • Spin Transforms of Discrete Surfaces (K. Crane, U. Pinkall, P. Schröder)
  • shapeDNA: compute accurate eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplace Beltrami operator using higher order FEM with Dirichlet or Neumann boundary conditions (cubic FEM, global mesh refinement, tangential smoothing, PLY, SMF, OBJ, OFF, VTK, ASC3D, STL) (M. Reuter)
  • Manifold Mesh Processing (non-manifold repair, smoothing, normals from point clouds, curvature calculation, local shape descriptors, Polymender manifold mesh from triangle soup, mesh simplification) (C. Grimm)
  • GMSH: a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities (procedural parameterized geometry, 1/2/3D simplicial finite element meshing, element size control, scalar/vector/tensor datasets) (C. Geuzaine, J.-F. Remacle)
  • Skeleton Extraction by Mesh Contraction (O. Au, C.-L. Tai, H.-K. Chu, D. Cohen-Or, T.-Y. Lee)
  • Polymender mesh repairer (water-tightness, closed surface repair, sharp features, signed volume generation) (T. Ju)
  • Algorithms to Automatically Quantify the Geometric Similarity of Anatomical Surfaces (D. Boyer, Y. Lipman, E. St Clair, J. Puente, B. Patel, T. Funkhouser, J. Jernvall, I. Daubechies)
  • Discrete Laplacians on General Polygonal Meshes (M. Alexa, M. Wardetzky)
  • meshfix (dilation, intersection test, ensure minimal distance, resolve overlaps, cut using shell, cleanup, (M. Attene)
  • progressive meshes implementation (H. Hao)
  • HKS: Computing Heat Kernel Signature (J. Sun, M. Ovsjanikov, L. Guibas)
  • SDFGen: generate grid-based signed distance field (level set) from triangle meshes (C. Batty, R. Bridson)
  • mesh_query: robustly checking inside/outside and segment intersection with a mesh (R. Bridson)

Point Set Processing

  • QPoly: meshing scattered 3D points (Y. Ohtake)
  • SLIM: sparse low-degree implicits (fitting, rendering, reflection lines, analytic curvature measures, crest lines, suggestive contours) (Y. Ohtake, A. Belyaev, M. Alexa)
  • Multi-scale Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions (Y. Ohtake)
  • MeshLab (ICP range-map alignment, ball pivoting, point-set normals, Robust Implicit MLS (RIMLS), Algebraic point-set surface (APSS), Poisson surface reconstruction) [All Filters] (Authors)
  • Vrip (convert aligned range images to volumetric format, extract mesh surface) (B. Curless)
  • Zipper (combine range images into polygonal mesh) (G. Turk, H. Ge, B. Curless)
  • Scanalyze (manual/ICP alignment and merging of range image data, fill holes, decimation, editing, PLY/SD formats) (Authors)
  • QSplat (real-time multiresolution point-set rendering) (S. Rusinkiewicz, G. King)
  • Constructing Laplace Operator from Point Clouds in R^d (J. Sun, M. Belkin, Y. Wang)
  • NormFet: Approximating Normals and Feature Sizes from Noisy Point Clouds (T. Dey, J. Sun, L. Molnar)
  • AMLS for Smoothing Noisy Point Clouds (adaptive moving least squares) (T. Dey, J. Sun)
  • Cocone: Delaunay meshing of point sets with boundaries (T. Dey, J. Giesen)
  • Tight Cocone: water-tight Delaunay meshing of point sets using approximate medial axis (T. Dey, S. Goswami, W. Zhao)
  • SuperCocone: efficient Delaunay meshing of large point sets (T. Dey, J. Hudson)
  • RobustCocone: Delaunay meshing of noisy point sets (T. Dey, S. Goswami)
  • Peel: isotropic reconstruction of surfaces from point sets with or without boundaries (T. Dey, K. Li)
  • 4-points Congruent Sets for Robust Surface Registration (D. Aiger, N. Mitra, D. Cohen-Or)
  • CGAL (Poisson reconstruction, spacing estimation, simplification, outlier removal, smoothing, normal estimation, orientation estimation)[full packages list] (Authors)
  • integral estimation on a k-manifold embedded in R-d (C. Luo, J. Sun, Y. Wang)
  • discrete Laplace-Beltrami operator on point clouds [Page] (C. Luo, I. Safa, Y. Wang)
  • FReg: detect approximate symmetries of point sets and B-Rep Models (Authors)
  • Normal Improvement for Point Rendering (bilateral normal filtering) [Page] (T. Jones)
  • Reconstruction of Solid Models from Oriented Points Sets (M.l Kazhdan)
  • Poisson Surface Reconstruction (M. Kazhdan)
  • Multilevel Streaming for Out-of-Core Surface Reconstruction (M. Bolitho, M. Kazhdan, R. Burns, H. Hoppe)
  • CUDA-Based implementations of SoftAssign and EM-ICP (T. Tamaki, M. Abe, B. Raytchev, K. Kaneda, M. Slomp)
  • Coherent Point Drift (rigid, affine, nonrigid N-D alignment and correspondence) (A. Myronenko)
  • PowerCrust (watertight polygonal meshing of point set, medial axis transform, simplified medial axis) (N. Amenta) [updated port]

Curves and Surfaces

  • A Bidirectional Generating Algorithm for Rational Parametric Curves (Z. Li, L. Ma)
  • Fast Detection of the Geometric Form of Two-Dimensional Cubic Bézier Curves (S. Vincent)
  • Exact Evaluation of Subdivision Surfaces (eigenstructures for Catmull-Clark and Loop schemes) (J. Stam)
  • Exact Evaluation of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces near B-Spline Boundaries (D. Lacewell, B. Burley)
  • Smooth Two-Dimensional Interpolations: A Recipe for All Polygons (E. Malsch, J. Lin, G. Dasgupta)
  • Normal Patches / PN-Triangles (R. Stimpson)
  • Marching Cubes (.vol files) (R. Stimpson)
  • Coons Patches (R. Stimpson)
  • Exact Catmull-Clark Subdivision evaluation (and mean-curvature minimization) (F. Hecht)
  • Laplacian Surface Editing (2D curve deformation) (O. Sorkine, D. Cohen-Or, Y. Lipman, M. Alexa, C. Roessl, H.-P. Seidel)
  • Elasticurves: Exploiting Stroke Dynamics and Inertia for the Real-time Neatening of Sketched 2D Curves (Y. Thiel, K. Singh, R. Balakrishnan)

Computational Geometry

  • 2D voronoi diagrams with CGAL (P. Alliez)
  • TRIANGLE: 2D high-quality exact/constrained/conforming Delaunay triangulations (J. Shewchuk)
  • Stellar: a tetrahedral mesh improvement program (B. Klingner, J. Shewchuk)
  • TetGen: A Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator and a 3D Delaunay Triangulator (constrained/conforming Delaunay, Voronoi, boundary-conforming, quality/size control, adaptive mesh refinement, intersection testing) (H. Si)
  • manifold approximation of 3D medial axis (S. Yoshizawa)
  • CGAL (n-D geometry, 2D/3D spherical geometry, n-D convex hull, 2D/3D/spherical booleans, 2D minkowski sums, 2D polygon partition/offset/skeleton, 2D curve intersection, 2D/3D envelopes, 2D/3D triangulation, 2D/3D alpha shapes, 2D delaunay/voronoi/apollonius/conforming delaunay/conforming gabriel, 3D delaunay isosurfacing, 3D skin surface, n-D spatial data structures, bounding volumes, optimal distances, least-squares geometry fitting, 2D/surface function interpolation, kinetic data structures, AABB Tree, 3D periodic triangulations, tetrahedral meshing w/ implicit/volume/polyhedral boundaries) [full packages list] (Authors)
  • METRO: measure differences between triangular meshes (Authors)
  • BOOLE convert CSG to Brep (curved solid primitives, polygonal solids) (T. Culver)
  • MAPC: exact manipulation of algebraic points and curves in the plane (D. Manocha, J. Keyser, T. Culver, M. Foskey, S. Krishnan)
  • Fast Polygon Triangulation based on Seidel's Algorithm (A. Narkhede, D. Manocha)
  • UNC GAMMA Collision Detection/Proximity Query Packages (penetration depth, intersection detection, tolerance verification, exact and approximate distance computation, separation distance, contact determination, Minkowski sums, Lin-Canny closest features, uniform grid spatial decomposition, OBB/Swept-Sphere/convex-hull bounding-volume hierarchies, polygon soups, rigid motion)
  • DeformCD: collision detection for deformable models (M. Tang, D. Manocha)
  • CurveSkel: 1D curve skeleton of 3D shape (T. Dey, J. Sun)
  • Shortest paths on a polyhedral surface (B. Kaneva, J. O'Rourke)
  • Antiprism polyhedra library (convex hull, polar reciprocals (dual meshes), geodesic spheres, uniform polyhedra, uniform tilings on surfaces, lattices and grids, ring/spiral of points on sphere, equilibrium of points repelling on sphere, near-uniform sphere tessellation, many other polyhedra types, OFF conversion utilities) [A. Rossiter]
  • Nuages 3D delaunay mesh reconstruction from parallel cross-sections (B. Geiger)
  • ShortLoop: computing loops in a shortest homology basis (O. Busaryev, T. Dey, J. Sun, Y. Wang)
  • Coordinate Free Geometric Programming (S. Mann, N. Litke, T. DeRose)
  • Calculation of Mappings between one and n-dimensional values using hilbert space-filling curve (J. K. Lawder)
  • A Fast and Robust GJK Implementation for Collision Detection of Convex Objects (G. van den Bergen)
  • Fast Distance Field and Generalized Voronoi Diagram Computation using Graphics Hardware (Authors)
  • Efficient Collision Detection of Complex Deformable Models using AABB Trees (G. van den Bergen)
  • M.E.S.H. : Measuring Error between Surfaces using the Hausdorff distance (N. Aspert, D. Santa-Cruz, T. Ebrahimi)
  • HandleTunnel: computing handle and tunnel loops on surfaces (T. Dey, K. Li, J. Sun)
  • tunicate: robust computational geometry predicates in floating point (R. Bridson)

Intersections and Distances

  • Fast 3D Line Segment—Triangle Intersection Test (N. Chirkov)
  • An Efficient Ray-Quadrilateral Intersection Test (A. Lagae, P Dutre)
  • On Faster Sphere-Box Overlap Testing (T. Larsson, T. Akenine-Moller, E. Lengyel)
  • Fast Tetrahedron-Tetrahedron Overlap Algorithm (F. Ganovelli, F. Ponchio, C. Rocchini)
  • Ray Bilinear Patch Intersections (S. Ramsey, C. Hansen, K. Potter)
  • GPU-Based Tiled Ray Casting using Depth Peeling (F. Bernadon, C. Pagot, J. Comba, C. Silva)
  • An Efficient and Robust ray-box intersection algorithm (A. Williams, S. Barrus, R. Morley, P. Shirley)
  • A Fast Triangle-Triangle Intersection Test (T. Moller)
  • Fast and Robust Triangle-Triangle Overlap Test using Orientation Predicates (P. Guigue, O. Devillers)
  • A Fast Triangle-Triangle Overlap Test Using Signed Distances (H. Shen, Z. Tang)
  • Fast Ray-Axis Aligned Bounding Box Overlap Tests with Plücker Coordinates (J. Mahovsky, B. Wyvill)
  • Fast Ray/Axis-Aligned Bounding Box Overlap Tests using Ray Slopes (M. Eisemann, M. Magnor, T. Grotsch, S. Muller)
  • Fast, Minimum Storage Ray-Triangle Intersection (T. Moller, B. Trumbore)
  • Lightweight Bounding Volumes for Ray Tracing (D. Cline, K. Steele, P. Egbert)
  • Fast and Accurate Circle-Circle and Circle-Line 3D Distance Computation (D. Vranek)
  • A Shaft Culling Tool (E. Haines)
  • Fast 3D Triangle-Box Overlap Testing (T. Akenine-Moller)
  • Intersection Test for Collision Detection in Particle Systems (E.-A. Karabassi, G. Papaioannou, T. Theoharis, A. Boehm)
  • Techniques for Interactive Ray Tracing of Bézier Surfaces (C. Benthin, I. Wald, P. Slusallek)

Photorealistic Rendering

  • TAGL: software rasterizer (B. Levy)
  • ShadeVis: compute per-vertex ambient occlusion term (Authors)
  • MeshLab (vertex/face ambient occlusion) (Authors)
  • LumosQuad (2D lighting simulation and rendering, quadtree conjugate gradient Poisson solver) (T. Kim, M. Lin)
  • OpenEXR (read/write/view OpenEXR HDR images)
  • bv (BRDF browser, many analytic and empirical BRDF included) (S. Rusinkiewicz)
  • LightPack (light field authoring and rendering)
  • aperture (light-field viewer)
  • renderman shader to dump out grids (M. Pharr)
  • skin shader (M. Pharr)
  • raytracing quaternion julia sets on the GPU (K. Crane)
  • radiosity renderers (progressive and wavelet radiosity, face cluster radiosity) (A. Willmott, P. Heckbert)
  • Radiator radiosity system (matrix, progressive, wavelet, clustering) (A. Willmott)
  • SunSky sun/sky model code (A. Willmott)
  • brdfview BRDF viewer (P. Heckbert)
  • SkyWorks real-time cloud rendering (M. Harris)
  • SHLIGHT: spherical harmonic lighting program (T. Huang, I. Lisle)
  • glSoftShadow OpenGL soft shadows implementation (U. Borgenstam, J. Svensson)
  • Triangle Mesh Tangent Space Calculation (M. Mittring, Crytek)
  • MiniLight minimal global illumination renderer (monte-carlo path tracing, progressive refinement, Ward linear tone mapping, octree spatial index) (H. Ainsworth)
  • P3 ToneMapper (openEXR,RGBE in, PNG, PPM out, Ward tone mapping) (H. Ainsworth)
  • Perceptuum global illumination renderer (monte carlo ray tracing, motion blur, DOF, glossy scattering, generalized BRDFS, progressive refinement, photon mapping) (H. Ainsworth)
  • raytracing, path tracing, and distance-field rendering with CUDA (mxadd)
  • Volumetric Lighting and Shadowing NV32 Shader (S. Lefebvre, S. Guy)
  • Computing a View Frustum to Maximize an Object’s Image Area (K-L. Low, A. Ilie)
  • BTFShop: Interactive Editing and Modeling of Bidirectional Texture Functions (J. Kautz, S. Boulos, F. Durand)
  • Efficient Splatting Using Modern Graphics Hardware (D. Xue, R. Crawfis)
  • Parameter Estimation for Photographic Tone Reproduction (E. Reinhard)
  • Textured Shadow Volumes (J. Hasselgren, T. Akenine-Moller)
  • Hardware-Accelerated Point Generation and Rendering of Point-Based Impostors (J. Baerentzen)
  • Reducing Noise in Image-Space Caustics with Variable-Sized Splatting (C. Wyman, C. Dachsbacher)
  • Robust Soft Shadow Mapping with Backprojection and Depth Peeling (L. Bavoil, S. Callahan, C. Silva)
  • Visibility Cuts shadows for Precomputed Radiance Transfer (also Ashikhmin-Shirley shader) (F. Hecht)
  • Frequency Analysis and Sheared Reconstruction for Rendering Motion Blur (K. Egan, Y.-T. Tseng, N. Holzschuch, F. Durand, R. Ramamoorthi)
  • PCA-Based Relighting Framework (S. Enrique, R. Ramamoorthi)
  • Layered 3D: Tomographic Image Synthesis for Attenuation-based Light Field and High Dynamic Range Displays (G. Wetzstein, D. Lanman, W. Heidrich, R. Raskar)
  • Spark: Modular, Composable Shaders for Graphics Hardware (T. Foley, P. Hanrahan)
  • BRDF Displacement Interpolation Using Lagrangian Mass Transport (function/distribution interpolation, non-euclidean manifolds, BRDF/color/value/envmap/stippling, non-negative least squares) (N. Bonneel, M. van de Panne, S. Paris, W. Heidrich)

NonPhotorealistic Rendering

  • rtsc: suggestive contours/highlights, principal hilights, apparent ridges, etc (D. DeCarlo, A. Finkelstein, S. Rusinkiewicz, A. Santella, M. Burns, J. Klawe)
  • fast and robust detection of crest lines on meshes (mesh denoising, mesh curvature) (S. Yoshizawa)
  • xshade: exaggerated shading rendering (S. Rusinkiewicz, M. Burns, D. DeCarlo)
  • jot: NPR library
  • Weighted Voronoi Stippling (A. Secord)
  • dpix: interactive rendering of 3D models using stylized lines (sketchup, self-similar line artmaps, coherent self-similar line styalization, high-quality line visibility, stylized focus)


  • Visualizing LIDAR in Google Earth (M. Isenburg, J. Shewchuck)
  • farthest-point seeding for placement of streamlines in 2D vector fields with CGAL (A. Mebarki)
  • VolPack (fast volume rendering with shear/warp factorization) (P. Lacroute)

Simulation / Animation

  • Inverse Kinematics for Serial Manipulators (D. Manocha, Y. Zhu)
  • El Topo (robust surface tracking with triangle meshes) (T. Brochu, R. Bridson)
  • CMU .ASF/.AMC/.V tools (J. McCann, C. Twigg, J. Barbic, ...?)
  • Skinning Mesh Animations Demo (C. Twigg)
  • DANCE (physics-based character animation and simulation) (A. Shapiro, V. Ng-Thow-Hing, P. Faloutsos)
  • Physically Based Simulation and Animation of Gaseous Phenomena in a Periodic Domain [Page] (A. Nealen)
  • 2D Boiling Demo (CML coupled map atlas on GPU) (M. Harris, G. Coombe, T. Sheuermann, A. Lastra)
  • Flo real-time 2D fluid simulation demo (Cg navier-stokes incompressible flow fixed no-slip boundaries) (G. James, M. Harris)
  • Disease reaction diffuse demo (Cg, on surface) (G. James, M. Harris)
  • GPU Ocean Surface Simulation [Page] (S. Lefebvre)
  • Practical Parameterization of Rotations Using the Exponential Map (F. Grassia)
  • A Simple Fluid Solver Based on the FFT (J. Stam)
  • Computing the Moment of Inertia of a Solid Defined by a Triangle Mesh (M. Kallay)
  • 2D Polygon Moment of Intertia (C. Batty)
  • Fast and Accurate Computation of Polyhedral Mass Properties (B. Mirtich)
  • Fast and Easy Reach-Cone Joint Limits (J. Wilhelms, A. Van Gelder)
  • Asynchronous Contact Mechanics (D. Harmon, E. Vouga, B. Smith, R. Tamstorf, E. Grinspun)
  • Generalized Biped Walking Control (S. Coros, P. Beaudoin, M. van de Panne)
  • Locomotion Skills for Simulated Quadrupeds (S. Coros, A. Karpathy, B. Jones, L. Reveret, M. van de Panne)
  • StVK: FEM Saint Venant-Kirchhoff deformable object library (J. Barbic)
  • Mass Spring System: A general 3D mass-spring system (J. Barbic)
  • Implicit Newmark and Central Differences Integrators for large deformation nonlinear FEM elasticity (J. Barbic)
  • Large Modal Deformation Factory: Model reduction of StVK FEM deformable models (linear modes, arbitrary free boundary conditions, modal derivatives, mass and stiffness matrices, triangle mesh to cube volume mesh conversion) (J. Barbic)
  • harmonic oscillator: exact timestepping of 1D ODE (J. Barbic)
  • LQR: linear-quadratic regulator controller (solves Riccati differential equation) (J. Barbic)
  • Dynamics of a single rigid body (explicit Euler, symplectic Euler, time-varying external forces and torques, arbitrary inertia tensors) (J. Barbic)
  • A Level-set Method for Skinning Animated Particle Data (thin-plate energy, grid mean curvature/laplacian/biharmonic, kdtree, marching tetrahedra) (H. Bhattacharya, Y. Gao, A. Bargteil)
  • Sensitive Couture for Interactive Garment Editing and Modeling [2] (N. Umetani, D. Kaufman, T. Igarashi, E. Grinspun)
  • DelFEM (FEM, Poisson, Diffusion, Advection-Diffusion, Linear Solid, St.Venant-Kirchhoff Material, incompressive hyperelastic material, Stokes Fluid, Navier-Stokes Fluid, Helmholtz, 3D rigid body, 6 types of constraint model, coupling analysis of rigid and elastic material, ILU (0) preconditioned CG, ILU (0) preconditioned BiCGSTAB) (N. Umetani)
  • DT-Grid: data structure for high-resolution level sets (volume-conserving mean curvature flow, shape metamorphosis, advection, one-sided, second-order central, WENO finite difference) (M. Nielsen, K. Museth)
  • Exact CCD: Geometrically exact continuous collision detection for triangle meshes. (T. Brochu, E. Edwards, R. Bridson)
  • Fluid3D: barebones 3D inviscid free-surface fluid simulator in irregular domains (C. Batty)
  • VariationalViscosity2D: 2D viscous free surface simulation (C. Batty)
  • free-surface 2D liquid solver with irregular static obstacles (C. Batty, F. Bertails, R. Bridson)
  • Quadratic extrapolation of data in the normal direction (eg to extrapolate velocities from fluid to solid region) (C. Batty)


  • FlexiStickers: Photogrammetric Texture Mapping using Casual Images (Y. Tzur, A. Tal)
  • Texture filtering (bilinear, mipmap, elliptic-weighted average) [link to .h/.cpp at bottom of page] (M. Pharr)
  • 3D Cellular Noise function (M. Pharr)
  • Jump Map Texture Synthesis (S. Zelinka)
  • Hybrid Texture Synthesis [Page] (A. Nealen, M. Alexa)
  • Octree Textures on the GPU (S. Lefebvre)
  • Parallel Controllable Texture Synthesis Tutorial (S. Lefebvre)
  • Image Quilting (T. Jones)
  • Floating Textures (M. Eisemann)
  • Advanced Reaction-Diffusion Models for Texture Synthesis (A. Sanderson, R. Kirby, C. Johnson, L. Yang)
  • HWB - A More Intuitive Hue-Based Color Model (A. R. Smith, E. R. Lyons)
  • Efficient GPU-Based Texture Interpolation using Uniform B-Splines (D. Ruijters, B. ter Haar Romney, P. Suetens)
  • Texture Stitching by Estimating the Laplace-Beltrami Operator by Restricting 3D Functions (M. Kazhdan)
  • Filtering Solid Gabor Noise (A. Lagae, G. Drettakis)
  • Repetition Maximization based Texture Rectification (D. Aiger, D. Cohen-Or, N. Mitra)


  • real-time gradient-domain image painting (multigrid GPU poisson solver) (J. McCann, N. Pollard)
  • mean-value coordinate image cloning (Z. Farbman, G. Hoffer, Y. Lipman, D. Cohen-Or, D. Lischinski)
  • GraphDraw: draw 2D graphs and export as postscript (K. Crane)
  • Interactive Segmentation Tool-Box (lazy snapping, GrabCut interactive graph cut)
  • 3D Photo Pop-Up (D. Hoeim)
  • Anti-Grain Geometry Project (high-quality and efficient 2D software rasterizer: subpixel antialiasing, arbitrary polygons, gradients and gouraud shading, image filtering, bilinear, bicubic, spline16, spline32, sinc, blackman, strokes with joins and caps, dashed lines, head/tail markers, arrows, polygon clipping, alpha-masking, arbitrary images as line patterns, perspective and bilinear transformations, boolean polygon operations) (M. Shemanarev)
  • High Quality Hardware Line Antialiasing (R. Nelson)
  • Color Compatibility from Large Datasets (P. O'Donovan, A. Agarwala, A. Hertzmann)
  • 2.5D Cartoon Models (A. Rivers, T. Igarashi, F. Durand)
  • GradientShop: A Gradient-Domain Optimization Framework for Image and Video Filtering (P. Bhat, L. Zitnick)

Image and Video Processing

  • Adaptive Thresholding Using the Integral Image [Also](D. Bradley, G. Roth)
  • A One-Pass Version of Two-Pass Image Resampling (N. Max)
  • PDE-Based Image Filtering (Nonlinear diffusion, Total-Variation denoising, Shock Filters) (G. Gilboa)
  • ImageStack: a command line calculator for images (HDR image generation, bilateral/median/circular filter, dimensionality reduction, FFT, Poission, wavelet transforms, inpainting, and many more) (A. Adams)
  • Fast High-Dimensional Filtering Using the Permutohedral Lattice (A. Adams, J. Baek, A. Davis)
  • Local Laplacian Filters: Edge-aware Image Processing with a Laplacian Pyramid (S. Paris, S. Hasinoff, J. Kautz)
  • Domain Transform for Edge-Aware Image and Video Processing (E. S. L. Gastal, M. M. Oliveira)
  • Real-time Edge Aware Image Processing with the Bilateral Grid (J. Chen, S. Paris, F. Durand)
  • Bilateral Filter (J. Chen)
  • Local Histogram Equalization using Bilateral Grid (J. Chen)
  • Streaming Multigrid for Gradient-Domain Operations on Large Images (M. Kazhdan)
  • Distributed Gradient-Domain Processing of Planar and Spherical Images (M. Kazhdan)
  • Metric Aware Processing of Spherical Imagery (M. Kazhdan)
  • An Image Inpainting Technique Based on the Fast Marching Method (A. Telea)
  • MIRT: Medical Image Registration Toolbox (similarity, mutual information MI, residual complexity RC, sum square differences SSD, sum absolute differences SAD, correlation coefficient CC, CD2, MS, transformation models, parametric free form deformation FFD, non-parametric variational, implicit euler, curvature-based regularization, multiresolution) (A. Myronenko)
  • FreeSurfer: reconstruction of the brain’s cortical surface from structural MRI data and overlay of functional MRI data (wiki) (contributors)
  • DotCount: count the number of dots in an image (M. Reuter)
  • FDim: compute fractal dimension of grayscale image (Capacity Dimension, Information Dimension, Correlation Dimension, Probability Dimension) (M. Reuter)
  • Robust Registration and Template Estimation of 3D MRI Images (unbiased inverse consistent registration, modality rigid registration, outlier detection robust statistics, symmetry, global intensity scaling, automatic sensitivity parameter estyimation, unbiased half-way space) (M. Reuter)
  • PatchMatch: A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing (C. Barnes, E. Schectman, A. Finkelstein, B. Goldman)
  • The Generalized PatchMatch Correspondence Algorithm (C. Barnes, E. Schectman, A. Finkelstein, B. Goldman)
  • Emerging Images Demo (N. Mitra, H.-K. Chu, T.-Y. Lee, L. Wolf, H. Yeshurun, D. Cohen-Or)
  • GPU_KLT: A GPU-based Implementation of the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi Feature Tracker (S. Sinha)
  • Gain-Adaptive KLT Tracking and TV-L1 optical flow on the GPU (C. Zach)
  • SSBA: Simple Sparse Bundle Adjustment (C. Zach)
  • Bundler: Structure from Motion (SfM) for Unordered Image Collections (N. Snavely)
  • sba : A Generic Sparse Bundle Adjustment C/C++ Package Based on the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm (M. Lourakis)
  • homest: A C/C++ Library for Robust, Non-linear Homography Estimation (M. Lourakis)
  • CMVS: Clustering Views for Multi-view Stereo (Y. Furukawa)
  • PMVS: Patch-based Multi-view Stereo Software (Y. Furukawa, J. Ponce)
  • VisualSFM: A Visual Structure from Motion System (C. Wu)
  • SiftGPU: A GPU Implementation of Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) (C. Wu)
  • Global Contrast based Salient Region Detection (M-M. Cheng, G-X. Zhang, N. Mitra, X. Huang, S-M. Hu)
  • Robust Image Retargeting via Axis-Aligned Deformation (D. Panozzo, O. Weber, O. Sorkine)
  • imageblending (Poisson Image Editing) (Authors)
  • Image-Based Localization using Structure-from-Motion Models (T. Sattler, B. Leibe, L. Kobbelt)


  • Efficient Generation of Poisson-Disk Sampling Patterns (T. Jones)
  • Antimony (poisson-disk sample generation) (D. Dunbar, G. Humphreys)
  • 2D Poisson disk sampling with dart throwing (M. Pharr)
  • Random or Uniform points on a sphere [Page] (J. O'Rourke)
  • Sampling with Hammersley and Halton Points (T.-T. Wong, P.-A. Heng, W.-S. Luk)
  • A Low Distortion Map Between Disk and Square (P. Shirley, K. Chiu)
  • 2D Fast Object Distribution (Halton sequence computation) [Page] (A. Willmott)
  • Generalized Stratified Sampling Using the Hilbert Curve (M. Steigleder, M. McCool)
  • A Stratified Sampling Technique for an Ellipse (C.-M. Wang, N.-C. Hwang)
  • 2D Hilbert Curve Generator (also precomputed C++ arrays for orders 1-10) (J. Chen)
  • Accurate Multi-dimensional Poisson-disc Sampling (M. Gamito, S. Maddock)
  • interpolate3d: A Natural Neighbour Interpolation program for 3D data (R. Hemsley)
  • Blue Noise through Optimal Transport (lloyd iteration, voronoi tessellation, arbitrary density functions) (F. de Goes, K. Breeden, V. Ostromoukhov, M. Desbrun)
  • Capacity-Constrained Delaunay Triangulation for Point Distributions (Y. Xu, L. Liu, C. Gotsman, S. Gortler)

Data Structures and Compression

  • Efficient Normal Compression in CryENGINE 3 [PPTX] [PDF] (texture and code in slides) [Page] (A. Kaplanyan)
  • Triangle Strip Compression (M. Isenburg)
  • Out-of-Core Compression for Gigantic Polygon Meshes (M. Isenburg, S. Gumhold)
  • Streaming Compression of Triangle Meshes (M. Isenburg, P. Lindstrom, J. Snoeyink)
  • Streaming Compression of Tetrahedral Volume Meshes (M. Isenburg, P. Lindstrom, S. Gumhold, J. Shewchuck)
  • Streaming Compression of Delaunay Triangulations (M. Isenburg, Y. Liu, J. Shewchuck, J. Snoeyink)
  • LAStools: converting, viewing, and compressing LIDAR data in LAS format (M. Isenburg, J. Shewchuck)
  • Streaming Meshes (M. Isenburg, P. Lindstrom)
  • OpenRACM: Random-Accessible Compressed Meshes (S.E. Yoon, P. Lindstrom)
  • An Improved Adjacency Data Structure for Fast Triangle Stripping (P. Reuter, J. Behr, M. Alexa)
  • Simple and Efficient Traversal Methods for Quadtrees and Octrees (S. Frisken, R. Perry)
  • Octree implementation (H. Ainsworth)
  • Fast Generation of Pointerless Octree Duals (T. Lewiner, V. Mello, A. Peixoto, S. Pesco, H. Lopes)

Numerics and Optimization

  • CNC: CUDA sparse symmetric matrix solver (L. Buatois, G. Caumon, B. Levy)
  • OpenNL: Open Numerical Library (direct/iterative sparse solvers, preconditioners, Least-Squares Conformal Maps (LSCM) implementation) (Authors)
  • CGAL (LP linear programming, QP quadratic programming) (Authors)
  • TAUCS [Package Mirror] (sparse preconditioned conjugate-gradient/minres, sparse Cholesky (sym-pos-semi-def), sparse LU, sparse LDLT) (S. Toledo, D. Chen, V. Rotkin)
  • UMFPACK (unsymmetric sparse LU) (T. Davis)
  • newmat (C++ dense matrix library [documentation]) (R. Davies)
  • GPUFFTW (GPU power-of-two FFT library) (N. Govindaraju, D. Manocha)
  • LUGPU (GPU dense-matrix LU decomposition) (N. Galoppo, N. Govindaraju, M. Henson, D. Manocha)
  • CoMISo: Constrained Mixed Integer Solver (H. Zimmer, D. Bommes, L. Kobbelt)
  • chag:pp CUDA parallel primitives library (reduction, prefix operations (scan), compaction, radix sort)
  • Blossoming software for analyzing polynomial functions (S. Mann, W. Liu)
  • Automatic Differentiation, C++ Templates, and Photogrammetry (D. Piponi)
  • CMA-ES: Covariance Matrix Adaptation - Evolutionary Strategy (non-linear non-convex optimization in complex domains) (N. Hansen)
  • ExpoKit: matrix exponential for small dense and large sparse matrices (R. B. Sidje)
  • Modal Matrix: A class for modal matrix operations (assembly u=Uq, projection q = U^T u) (J. Barbic)
  • Quaternions , MiniVector, Dense Matrix, Sparse Matrix (Conjugate Gradient, Jacobi Preconditioner, Gauss-Seidel ) (J. Barbic)
  • Polar decomposition of a 3x3 matrix and derivatives of polar decomposition matrices (J. Barbic)
  • levmar : Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least squares algorithms in C/C++ (M. Lourakis)
  • sparseLM : Sparse Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least squares in C/C++ (M. Lourakis)
  • HLBFGS (Preconditioned L-BFGS, Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient, Gradient Descent, Newton) (Y. Liu)
  • Conjugate Gradient with Modified Incomplete Cholesky (level zero) preconditioning (R. Bridson)
  • KKTDirect: a direct solver package for saddle-point ( KKT ) matrices (R. Bridson)
  • MPCG: Multi-Preconditioned Conjugate Gradients (R. Bridson, C. Greif)
  • Quern: A Sparse QR Library (R. Bridson)

Data Sets

  • Digital 210 King (building scans, Revit models, photographs, Green Building XML (gbXML) models, of 210 King St East (Autodesk Toronto building))
  • Unwrapped (planar-parameterized) ABF++/LinABF Meshes (.OBJ format, includes normal maps and decimated meshes)
  • AIM@SHAPE 3D model repository
  • DemoGraphite (bunny, horse, tiger-face, octaflower, rocker arm, engine volume, skull volume)
  • Georgia Tech Large Geometric Models Archive (Bunny,Turbine Blade,skeleton hand,dragon,buddha,horse,visible man,grand canyon,puget sound,angel)
  • Stanford 3D Scanning Repository (bunny, drill bit, buddha, dragon, armadillo, lucy, asian dragon, manuscript, thai statue)
  • Stanford Volume Data Archive (CThead, MRBrain, CTbunny)
  • Stanford Light Field Archive
  • UNC Dynamic Mesh Datasets (per-frame meshes, exploding dragon and bunny, cloth simulation, N-body simulation, falling letters)
  • Image-Based 3D Models (VRML/TRI formats, multiple resolutions, textured [mesh viewer]) (C. Esteban, F. Schmitt)
  • Multi-frame 3D scans from video depthmaps (triangulated point clouds, OBJ format,100-2200 frames) (T. Weise, B. Leibe, L. Van Gool)
  • ETH Face Pose Range Image Data Set (10,000 640x480 range image point sets of 20 moving faces, read/write code) (M. Breitenstein, D. Kuettel, T. Weise, L. van Gool, H. Pfister)
  • Quadrangulations (fandisk,beetle,fertility,rockerarm) (H. Zimmer, D. Bommes, L. Kobbelt)
  • Geometry Videos (H. Bricenno)
  • PSU Near-Regular Texture Database (S. Lee, Y. Liu)
  • CMU Motion Capture Database
  • Skinning Mesh Animations data (horse, camel, elephant, chicken, snake ) (D. James, C. Twigg)
  • Deformation Transfer for Triangle Meshes (horse, camel, cat, lion, faces, flamingo, elephant) (R. Sumner, J. Popovic)
  • Mesh Ensemble Motion Graphs (D. James, C. Twigg, A. Cove, R. Wang)
  • Cornell Light Measurement Data (light source spectra, filter and lens transmission spectra, camera response spectra, reflectance data)
  • The Cornell Box
  • RenderPark (HDR, galerkin radiosity, stochastic jacobi radiosity, hierarchical, clustering, view-importance, higher-order approximations, random walk radiosity, photon mapping, stochastic ray tracing, bi-directional path tracing) (P. Bekaert,F. de Laet, P. Peers, V. Masselus, J. Prikryl, P. Dutre, O. Ceulemans)
  • RaVi (real-time raytracer) (M. Granz)
  • WinOSi (iterative two pass optical simulation raytracing) (M. Granz)
  • Scopia.es 3D models (home furnishing objects, buildings, plants, characters, .3ds, .blend, .sh3d, .obj) (C. Folch, Scopia.es)
  • Crytek Sponza Model v2 (increased complexity, 3ds, OBJ formats, textures) (F. Meinl, Crytek)
  • TrueMarble earth image dataset (multiple resolutions from 32km to 250m, PNG and geo-referenced GeoTIFF formats) (Unearthed Outdoors LLC)
  • Volume-Meshed Models (Heart, Eiffel Tower, Basket, Bridge, Dragon, Horse, Dinosaur, 3D Spring, Beam) (J. Barbic)
  • Volume-Meshed Models (Cube, TFire, Tire, Dragon, Cow, Sculpt, LetterP, House, StayPuft) (B. Klinger, J. Shewchuck)
  • McGuire Graphics Data (San Miguel, Crytek Sponza, Dabrovic Sponza, Sibenik Cathedral, Conference Room, Chinese Dragon, Teapot, Cube, Happy Buddha, Hairball, Cornell Box, Rungholt, Lost Empire, Infinite Realities Head, textured OBJs)
  • Caltech Mesh Compendium (Ball Joint,Dinosaur Sculpture,Golf Club,Igea Artifact,Isis,Knee,Rocker Arm,Santa,Screwdriver,Teeth Casting,Horse,Skeleton Hand,Turbine Blade,Cactus,Cat,Cessna,Club,Cow,Distributor Cap,Engine,Fandisk,Gargoyle,Hypersheet,Knot,Mechanical Part,Oil Pump,Teapot,Tyrannosaurus Rex,Dragon,Feline Model,Femme,Happy Buddha,Headus Skull,Max Planck,Molecule,Rabbit Sculpture,Stanford Bunny,Zander,Zoë,Duck,Mummy,Bust of Nefertiti,Top,Totem,Vase #1,Vase #2,Chair,Dental Cast,Foot,Hand,female Mannequin Head,Pregnant Woman,kissing-children Sculpture,Shoe,Toilet,Cube,Hexagon,Icosahedron,Octahedron,Pentagon,Quadrilateral,Right Tetrahedron,Right Triangle,Armadillo Man,Dragon,Happy Buddha,Stanford Bunny,Cat Head,Face,Mannequin Head,Spocks Head,Stamped Part, Stegosaurus, Torus, Triceratops, Venus Torso)
  • Aachen photo dataset (photos, SIFT descriptors, 3D reconstruction) (T. Sattler)
  • MIT CSAIL Textured Models Database ()


  • Stanford Calibration Grid Detector (V. Vaish)
  • Color CRT Calibration for perception research (E. Olds, W. Cowan, P. Jolicoeur)
  • ASIFT: A New Framework for Fully Affine Invariant Comparison (J.-M. Morel, G. Yu)
  • SIFT++ (A. Vedaldi)
  • SIFT for Matlab (A. Vedaldi)
  • VLFeat (SIFT, MSER, k-means, hiearchical k-means, agglomerative information bottleneck (aib), quick shift) (A. Vedaldi, B. Fulkerson)
  • LFDisplay: a real-time system for light field microscopy
  • FCam: FrankenCamera camera control library(Contributors)
  • Utilities for Structured Light Scanning (Contributors)
  • face-off: Automatic Facial Feature Detection & Replacement (Authors)
  • Google Pose Optimizer: reconstruct pose of sensor based on sensor data (GPS position, doppler velocity, accelerometers, rate gyroscopes, wheel encoders, constraint models) (Authors)

Machine Learning

  • Infer.Net - Bayesian Inference in Graphical Models (T. Minka, J. Winn, J. Guiver, A. Kannan)
  • ANN - C++ approximate neareset-neighbours in dimensions ~(8,20) (D. Mount, S. Arya)
  • FLANN - Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbours (M. Muja, D. Lowe)
  • Basic Support Vector Machine (SVM) demo (linear and RBF kernel) (A. Vedaldi)

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