Chrome 66 Beta 发布:CSS 类型对象模型变化

除非另有说明,否则 Chrome 66 Beta 发布的更改适用于 Android,Chrome OS,Linux,macOS 和Windows 。在 ChromeStatus 上查看 Chrome 66 中功能的完整列表。


  • <canvas>的ImageBitmap渲染上下文
  • CSS类型对象模型的更改
  • 异步剪贴板API
  • AudioWorklet

有几个 JavaScript 更改:

  • The Function.prototype.toString() function now returns exactly what is written in the source code. This includes whitespace and other text that may have been used. For example, if there is a comment between the function keyword and the function name, the comment is now returned in addition to the keyword and name.
  • JSON is now a syntactic subset of ECMAScript, which allows line separator (U+2028) and paragraph separator (U+2029) symbols in string literals.
  • The catch clause of a try statement can now be used without a parameter.
  • String.prototype.trimStart() and String.prototype.trimLeft() are now available as the standards-based way of trimming whitespace from strings, in addition to String.prototype.trim() which was already implemented. The non-standard trimLeft() and trimRight() remain as aliases of the new methods for backward compatibility.
  • The Array.prototype.values() method returns a new array iterator object that contains the values for each index in the array.


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